Sex Toy Review: The LELO Siri 2 Is Here to Pleasure You

Thanks to Siri 2, I’ve got more room in my closet. That’s because I cleared away a whole bunch of toys that I don’t need anymore now that Siri 2 has it covered. Honestly, this is one of my favorite sex toys to have come my way in a long while. It’s got all that I personally love in a toy – great vibration, size, it’s waterproof, rechargeable, and has a little bit of cheekiness. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Shape and Size

At first I thought it looked a little chunky – having used only long cylinder type vibrators for so long, but then I picked it up. It nuzzled into my palm comfortably. Perfect. It wasn’t chunky. It was awesome. I love small vibrators that can still pack a punch. I travel a lot and don’t often have space to fit a big chunky device that might just go off while I’m going through the X-ray machine (true story, happened to me once!). The size of the Siri 2 is perfect – I put it in its little pouch and it goes into my toiletry bag. And because it’s not obviously shaped like a vibrator, I don’t worry if I leave it around the house. The funny thing is, people often think it’s some kind of baby monitor!


Ho-kay! Hold on to your seats, the vibrations on this baby will blow you away – like seriously. It is a lot stronger that some other LELO products I’ve used and I love that! If you want more pinpoint stimulation, then I’d say, “Use the tip,” but if you like a more overall stimulation then just place it over your clit. It is delicious.

Pleasure Settings

There are eight different pre-loaded settings on the Siri 2, and since this is supposed to be a sound responsive vibrator, the pre-loaded settings are supposed to follow the vibrations of musical genres. So you have techno, jazz, classical, etc. I’ve never been a big fan of different settings in other toys, preferring to go straight to just ‘vibrate, full blast’, but with the Siri 2 – I think because of its powerful vibrations – the different settings were very pleasurable. Especially jazz. I know, jazz right? But still, the build up was a great thrill and the orgasm was fantastic.


Vocal Coach

To be honest, I’m not sure how this feature works. My best guess is when you turn on the sound responsive feature, the goal is to get the device to vibrate while you sing. I tried, and you really have to hit some high notes (or deep notes, not sure…) in order to get the device to vibrate. So perhaps that’s how this feature works?

Sound Responsiveness

Here comes the cheeky bit. When the sound responsive feature is turned on, Siri 2 vibrates according to whatever music you have on. So obviously I wanted to see what music gets me off. I mean, many-a-musician claims that their music is the one to make love to, now we get to test that! The feature didn’t work as awesomely as I wanted it to, but it was still fun to play with. A great way to build up to the real deal.

So here’s the downlow on who will really get you off!


My girl represents for realz! For the most part, Bey got me the hottest. I played with a few of her songs but her new single 7/11 was the best.

Nicki Minaj

Her Anaconda video is hot as hell, unfortunately it didn’t jazz me up as much as Bey.

Justin Bieber

Well, I thought nothing would happen, it started slow, but then there were a few good buzzes there. I’m as surprised as you, trust me. I played his hit single (?) Baby, baby? and got a lil hot and bothered.

Tibetan Throat Singing

For those that need a little spirituality with their pleasure, I tried it with some throat singing, figuring all that bass will surely pump the little Siri 2. Alas, not much happened. I guess I was wrong.

Sex Toy Review: The LELO Siri 2 Is Here to Pleasure You

Other Features

Siri 2 is supposed to be waterproof. I haven’t dipped into water, but I don’t take my toys into the bath with me. However it was a breeze for cleanups. Like many other LELO toys, this baby is also USB rechargeable which is great. No more searching for batteries for this gal!

The Bad

The one thing I didn’t like about the Siri 2 is the buttons. You really have to press hard to get it to change, and in the the throes of passion, stopping to change the setting is very annoying. I would love to see a LELO toy with better button design in the future.


Does the Siri 2 get you off? You bet it does! But it’s also a great tool for those days you want to have a little sensual play. Take it slow, build up and explode in ecstasy. Also a great toy to carry around when you’re traveling. It isn’t very loud, but I’d still not use it if there’s someone sleeping in the next bed, or if you have thin walls. The sound responsive feature doesn’t really add much to solo play but it’s a fun little device to use as a cheeky build up.

This should definitely be on your “Get” list for this year. You can purchase it from the LELO store online for only €99.