SexTech Hits Mainstream With HBO Appearance

HBO’s Silicon Valley provides a necessary – if obviously dramatized – look at the goings-on in the would-be corridors of nu-power deep in the beating, robotic heart of the USA.

We’ve railed enough against the core of would-be saintly technophiles who seem determined to eradicate sex and the orgasm a la Orwell’s Junior Anti-Sex League by whitewashing and ignorance, but it seems the televised version of the Valley is a little more liberal and welcoming.

Male masturbation appliance Autoblow 2 made a cameo appearance on the most recent episode of Silicon Valley, bringing the crowdfunded stroker deeper into pop culture consciousness.

The episode – ‘Adult Content’ – spotlighted the Autoblow 2 on stage alongside other mechanical pleasure devices at fictional convention Adult 2.0. In the scene, an adult industry keynote speaker introduces the toys to seminar attendees and declares, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future!”

Autoblow 2 inventor Brian Sloan was understandably pleased with this boon for both his own product and SexTech as a whole.

“The props department from Silicon Valley reached out to us back in December for the product, so we’ve been excitedly waiting to see the Autoblow 2 on TV. I didn’t really expect it but after it appeared in that scene, I received emails from friends all over the world who noticed it! It’s awesome to see that in less than a year from the date it launched, the Autoblow appeared in such a popular series.”

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