SexTech Survey Results Provide Keen Future Insights

Sex robots, VR sex and Star Trek’s famous Holodeck are just some of the biggest fantasies put forward by participants in Electrastim’s recent SexTech survey.

106 hardy souls took up the chance to answer some revealing questions about themselves – as well as be in with a chance to win $100 worth of Electrastim goodies – for a survey in which the focus was to gain a better understanding of the sexual desires of those who use – or are interested in using – erotic electrostimulation sex toys.

As you would expect when it comes to SexTech the results of the survey show that those who indulge in the convergence of sex and technology have rather active imaginations, fantasies and sex lives.

Futuristic sex aids and other devices accounted for the biggest proportion of dream toys mentioned in the survey. Unsurprisingly, our lovely little SexTech minions are ahead of the tech development curve and are consciously looking for the next thing.

Nearly 18% of participants said their dream sex toy purchase was a work of science fiction. The top sci-fi fantasy toy was a sex robot, with just over 11% wishing for their own android sex partner or cyber dominatrix. Next up was virtual reality sex, with Oculus Rift and Star Trek’s Holodeck name checked as perfect platforms.

One participant took things into a paradoxical tech-primitive realm, demanding the creation of a reclining armchair “that wanks [jerks] you off”. More power to you, brother!

72% of participants identified as being male and 19% as female, 9% had an alternative preference or declined to answer. This indicates that men are presently more interested in electro sex than women. Survey data also revealed that – surprise, surprise – When it comes to fantasies, electro sex geeks are into a broad spectrum of themes. The most popular was bondage, with 75% of participants indicating a penchant for tying up their partner or being tied up. Anal took second place with 73% either fantasizing about or actively engaging in anal play.

The least popular fantasies were cyber/virtual sex at 24% and phone sex at just under 20%, compared to the 46% who were interested in pleasuring a partner using an app-controlled device. In layman’s terms, the tide is indeed turning when it comes to SexTech. Typing out your fantasies in chat rooms is no longer scratching the itchy places enough. Now we have to live it. And hey, that’s not A Bad Thing!

The graphic below shows some of the ways the survey participants like to get freaky-deaky in the bedroom and beyond. Not so much food for thought these days as plugs for the socket. Viva SexTech!

SexTech Survey Results Provide Keen Future Insights