#SexTechTalk Ep II (Feb 25, 2015): Sex & Technology

After the success of the first #SexTechTalk, BaDoink Magazine’s chief writer Joseph Viney returned to the Twitterverse in order to continue the bi weekly tradition. The second #SexTechTalk, with an even better turnout than the first, continued delving into the intriguing world of innovative sex technology.

Viney began the proceedings by asking participants whether they’d seen 50 Shades of Grey and, if so, which sex toys would have improved the film. Immediately, the conversation turned toward how poorly the film depicted kink and BDSM. Phone sex operator Sarah Does Phone Sex, pointed out that it didn’t teach the kink basics in a positive manner.

This led to Viney diverting the conversation to starter toys for people starting out in the different scenes. Besides writer Kitty de Vine suggesting hogties for EL James, so she “couldn’t have written the damn thing,” others in the talk commented that ropes and contact toys are very common as starter toys.


After this, the next question was whether or not SexTech had changed the way people participating had sex. Many were quick to point out how the Internet and social media have made it easier than ever before to find information on sex, and talk about sex. Condoms.org declared that more technology meant safer sexual practices.


Viney soon moved on to the third question, which was whether all technological trends and advances are a positive influence on sex. Most people were quick to support advances, however, the topic of revenge pornography came up, as well as an incident with Blogger. As well, participants discussed the possibility of our future looking similar to Spike Jonze’s film Her. Most interesting was a tweet by Sarah Does Phone Sex, which argued that fixation could be a problem with technological advances in sex devices.

Moving more toward the application of toys, Viney asked if gender neutral toys, such as the Picobong Transformer, helped users understand their partner’s needs better. There seemed to be agreement on the fact that new and varied toys are always a step in the right direction, and in commenting on the evolution of tech, Lorem – Vibe Better relayed their goal of relinquishing toy control from only men.


The fifth question invited inventive fun; Viney asked what sex toys people possessed, and introduced the hashtag #InventASexToy. #SexTechTalk quickly came alive with many zany and quite effective sounding ideas, such as gesture controlled modules, kinky cyborg gloves, variations on teledildonics, and Sarah Does Phone Sex’s future invention of a Fitbit for orgasms.

And with many possible innovations in SexTech floating about the Twitterverse, hopefully all soon to be invented, the second #SexTechTalk came to a close, with promises of even better conversations to be had soon after. A very successful second time round for Joseph Viney and the growing contingency of SexTech scholars indeed.

To participate in biweekly SexTechTalks, all you have to do is follow the hashtag #SexTechTalk for updates on the date and time, and get ready to explore the coming wave of the future. Interested in reading more? The entire second SexTechTalk appears here on Storify, and you can browse the entire archives on the profile page. See you at the next #SexTechTalk!

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