#SexTechTalk Ep III (March 1, 2015) Talking About Oral Sex and Tech with Sophie Delancey

The third installment of the ever growing #SexTechTalk saw BaDoink head writer Joseph Viney take a breather as moderator, letting the eminent and prolific Sophie Delancey take the reins. Delancey, who’s known for her writing and podcasting on oral sex, helmed this conversation, appropriately named “Talking About Oral Sex and Technology; Unlikely Pairing or Perfect Union?” As usual, a rousing discussion ensued.

To kickstart the talk, Delancey asked the crowd of SexTech enthusiasts what their favorite sex toys were for oral sex. Immediately, there was a chorus of everyone’s favorite toys and devices, including dental dams, Hitachi wands, nipple clamps, honey – Delancey warned against sugar on the vagina – and a perfectly timed tweet setup and punchline involving a saying from 30 Rock and man oysters.

Delancey continued on to her second question, asking how participants felt about oral sex toys like the mouth Fleshlight and Sqweel, and whether they’d use them. Mostly, the conversation veered off into the problems of cleaning oral toys, leading to Delancey summing up an important aspect of future SexTech endeavors and innovations.

That, and Delancey introduced to the conversation the existence of pop rocks called BJ Blasters, made specifically for oral sex. After that, she went even further into specific technology, asking folks if they would ever use the Autoblow 2, effectively plugging into a sex machine. Most people showed enthusiasm for the toy, however this segment of the conversation evolved more into humor, Delancey’s brand of moderating conversation being as comedic as it was informative. Phone sex operator Dakota Springfield’s tweet was a reactionary highlight.

Following this, Delancey asked the SexTech Twitterverse what sort of technical elements they’d add to oral experiences. People declared they’d utilize everything from music to devices like the Violet Wand, while phone sex operator Sarah Does Phone Sex commented that there should be more advances in two way toys. Swingtastic Toys had the MVP tweet of this segment, though, suggesting a toy that could self clean.

Delancey’s fifth question invited participants to imagine their ideal oral futures, urging people to think of what tech could be introduced in the future to improve oral sex. The first comment was about lowering pricings, this being followed by suggestions of better accessibility and interfaces. Condoms.org proposed more instructional material, and The Kinky Space wondered how detailed a feeling teledildonic devices would be able to simulate. The climax of the talk came when Swingtastic Toys suggested the fantastical but fascinating idea of transmitting male member sensation virtually, aka penis teleportation. Condoms.org delivered one of the best tweets of the talk, setting up Delancey to invent the Norton Antivirus software for penises.

This, followed by a hilarious mention of scuba gear for folks without practiced breathing techniques, closed out yet another intriguing and highly illuminating #SexTechTalk, leaving participants desiring even more.

To participate in biweekly SexTechTalks, all you have to do is follow the hashtag #SexTechTalk for updates on the date and time, and get ready to explore the coming wave of the future. Interested in reading more? You can read the entirety of this SexTechTalk here on Storify, and you can browse the entire archives on the profile page. See you at the next #SexTechTalk!

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