#SexTechTalk Ep1 (Feb 11, 2015): Gifting SexTech on Valentines Day

Keeping with the growing tradition of smart and savvy Twitter conversations, BaDoink introduced the bi-weekly #SexTechTalk, a platform for experts and acolytes alike to chat about sex and technology. The first of these discussions took place February 11th and was moderated by BaDoink head writer Joseph Viney. With Viney helming the relaxed symposium, people covered the topic of gifting SexTech on Valentine’s Day.

To begin the talk, Viney asked those involved whether they’d be incorporating SexTech in their Valentine’s Day activities. Adult media and tech sites immediately declared they’d be using all manner of vibrators and adult content to spice up the proceedings. BaDoink editor John Lane set a comedic tone, commenting on the possibility of a Doctor Who themed sex toy.

Adding more specificity to the chat, Viney then asked the participants about whether they’d be purchasing SexTech for their romantic partners. After a brief interlude about utilizing strobe-lights in the bedroom, Condoms.org said they’d be putting aside tech briefly, commenting that people should spend more time interacting without mobiles and other tech.

Besides this, though, people extolled the virtues of purchasing products from companies such as KIIROO, Hitachi Magic Wand, and Fleshlight. As well, Viney and company determined that lube should count as SexTech, and that Valentine’s Day would be the perfect place to test out an ever-expanding array of finely crafted lubes.

Getting more into the personal side of things, Viney then asked how far people would go to please their partners with SexTech. Experts such as Sophie Delancey opened up about their already high level of kinkiness, and there was an amusing interlude about 3D printing sex toys. Sssh.com delivered the most poignant tweet of the talk, reminding everyone involved about consent and making sure safety is always considered.

Viney continued on, asking participants which piece of SexTech was their favorite, adding that SexTech is quickly becoming an intrinsic part of what’s considered normal sexuality.

There was a variety of answers to this question; Delancey mentioned the Hitachi, Lane paid homage to the POV wonder that is the iPad, and Sssh.com defined the entire internet as one big piece of SexTech. Product reviewer Emmeline Peaches, among others, waxed lyrical about Lelo’s products, and there was even a comment about using classic art in sexual play.

Finally, Viney closed the inaugural #SexTechTalk by asking everyone to imagine their vision of Valentine’s Day in the future. Contributors to the conversation brought up a range of possibilities, Lane listing innovations such as advanced sex dolls and VR, and xSync commented on full immersion experiences linking VR software to SexTech hardware.

In true SexTechTalk fashion, the concluding tweets included Viney introducing the concept of a binary orgasm, closing out an incredibly enjoyable and informative chat, and tacitly showing SexTech is a force to be reckoned with. Whether we like it or not, technology is tentacle-ing its way into sexual evolution, ushering in a sexy, technological revolution.

To participate in bi-weekly SexTechTalks, all you have to do is follow the hashtag #SexTechTalk or BaDoink SexTech@sextechtalk for updates on the date and time, and get ready to explore the coming wave of the future. Interested in reading more? The entire first SexTechTalk appears here on Storify, and you can browse the entire archives on the profile page. See you at the next #SexTechTalk!

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