Don’t you just love to daydream? Scientists say 95% of us fantasize every day. But about what? Fantasies are our free imagination. There are no borders. Everything is allowed. Surfing the Net I have come to the conclusion that these might be some of the most popular ones…

To start with, we don’t have to go far. An “Ex” is always just around the corner. It’s so easy to go back in time and get lost in that “what could have been” game. Also it’s somehow wrong and therefore out of reach. On the other hand visualizing places where you have been and remembering the naughty things you did to each other can give your fantasy that boost of reality.

Sexual Fantasies & Why You Should Enjoy Them

Shops which sell costume uniforms will never go out of style! A slutty nurse, maybe a fire fighter… or are you into handcuffs? The police uniform rules! It so goes with a dominatrix-like attitude. You can play good cop-bad cop… and don’t forget to switch roles – criminals are so sexy to handle!

Being in a porn movie, wow! Of course, most of us do it at home, where the lightning is right. Monotonous life wants lights, camera, action; so it’s no surprise that so many of us want to be on the cover of BaDoink.

It’s not unusual that Saturday night fever makes you wanna dance the night away. Imagine, you are in a club and the dance floor is full of sexy beasts and out of nowhere that mysterious stranger who happens to be the hottest person in the club walks up to you – the ending is always happy and orgasmic!

Sexual Fantasies & Why You Should Enjoy Them

Always beware of strangers, sure, but they can just be so damn sexy! Sex with a stranger implies there are no-strings-attached; even so, most are too scared or would feel guilty after doing it. So it’s no wonder it’s so popular as a fantasy.

Food just had to be on the list of fantasies. There are as many different types of food as there are varieties of sex. How do you like it? Sweet or savory? Do you picture yourself doing it somewhere in a vineyard in France or are you on a tropical beach satisfying yourself with a banana? A food fight could be included in group-sex – why not, the more the merrier!

What about sex in the swimming pool? So many people out there want to do it. Sexy bikinis and deep blue water always work their magic… because looking very good when wearing very little is not only a turn-on but also sensual and erotic.

So, if you’re one of those day dreamers who loves to fantasize every day, then keep on doing it – and be daring!

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