When Google Glass came out the first thing that popped into my mind was, “When are they going to use this for porn?” and they did, starring the sexy James Deen. Porn has always been on the cutting edge of technology, in fact porn probably drives certain technology. Ah, the things people will do to get more realistic sexy time movies!

However, not to be left out, this time around, the general public are getting a chance to get in on the action too. Sex with Glass has nothing to do with Google but they know what the people want. And what the people want, it seems, is to look at themselves having sex!

Google Glass

That’s exactly what Sex with Glass provides. A way to look at yourself through your partner’s eye (or glass), a way to look at yourself, a way to just look at the whole scene, while it’s happening. Worried about what happens to the footage? Well, don’t worry! It deletes itself forever after five hours. Yay!

Now here’s the thing, who in the hell wants to see EVERYTHING while having sex? Have you seen your sex face? I’m guessing it’s not as hot as you’d imagine it to be. And I’m not built like a supermodel so I know I’ve got jiggly bits and cellulite. I am 100% certain that my ass does not look like the lovely behind they have on their website. And have you tried having sex with glasses on? Clearly, these guys didn’t think things through.

There, now that my rant is over, truth be told, I am curious. Because I DO want to know what my sex face looks like, and I want to see what’s turning on my partner and I’m helluva lot curious of how it looks like to be doing me doggie style or how I look like giving a blowjob.

So guess what? As ridiculous as this idea sounds like, I’mma getting me some sex with glass. I mean, sure, once I see how I look like I might destroy the years of fantasy I carefully crafted of myself, but hey! It’s better to know than not… right?

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