Probably exactly as undateable for mortals as the other Game of Thrones alluring divas, exotic Shae (Sibel Kekilli) can’t at least stop you from candidly exploring her most intimate body spots in her most explicit moments of privacy…

Because before her lucky shopping in a Cologne mall – which paved her road to King’s Landing (no, contradictory to common belief, it wasn’t Tyrion Lannister who brought her there, but a casting director who noticed her at the above mentioned mall and recognized her as the one to play the leading  part in Head-On) – the two-time Lola Award winner (Head-On and When We Leave) had a rather prolific career as a porn actress… And many of her previous cinematographic works are still around and (this is not a hint by any means) very Google-able.

Sibel Kekilli: From Casting Couch to Iron Throne

Sibel Kekilli debuted in cinema brilliantly – Fatih Akin’s “Gegen die Wand” (Head-On) harvested numerous awards such as the prestigious Lola Award, Golden Bear Award and Bambi award (Germany’s longest established media prize, dating back to 1948). Shortly after the movie’s release in 2004, however, the facts about her porn-involved past became publically known. Loyal to its low moral values and its high demand for sensational material, the tabloid press “media raped” the promising movie actress (in her own words, spoken at the Bambi award receipt). Much deservedly, on December 2, 2004, the German Press Council officially reprimanded infamous German tabloid “Bild “ for violating Sibel Kekilli’s human dignity. It is said that the entire furor was the reason her parents broke off contact with her.

Sibel Kekilli: From Casting Couch to Iron Throne

Despite the frustration, Shae continued her journey into the fanciful world of the seventh art exactly as we know her – fearlessly brave and alluringly charming.  In 2010, she received the Lola Award for her leading role in Die Fremde (When We Leave). The same year, HBO cast her for Game of Thrones, and this is what consequently opened up the gates of the Red Keep.

From 2011 on, Sibel does not only wield a knife when defending Sansa Stark, but also a gun when fighting crime as investigator Sarah Brandt in Germany’s most famous television series “Tatort”.

Sibel Kekilli: From Casting Couch to Iron Throne

If for some twisted pseudo-moralistic reason someone hypocritically tries to judge Sibel for her adult movie appearances (the latest of which were more than an entire decade ago), please consider the fact many other celebrities also used to be “young and in the need of money”. Besides, which sight is more aesthetically pleasurable, Shae’s gentle intimate parts or Rambo’s dick?

Curios Facts:

  • Sibel Kekilli has never read “A Song of Ice and Fire”, because in the novels her character is very different to that in the movie, and she didn’t want to get confused.
  • At first meeting her, the author George R. R. Martin told her “Your Shae is much better than my Shae in the books”.
  • Sibel totally likes her fictional personality and is absolutely convinced Shae truly loves Tyrion, fending off claims she was only after his power and gold.
  • Shae and Sansa (Sophie Turner) are real life friends. The former says it breaks her heart each time the latter has to perform a crying scene, and she sees herself as her elder sister.
  • Before the actual Game of Thrones casting in London, Sibel had been requested by HBO to send them a “selfie” (self-shot video sample). However, even though she is not really a great fan of so-called “e-casting”, HBO’s offer was one that she couldn’t refuse.

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  1. She should go back to making porn flicks.