Smart Condom Wins Sex App Prize

A contest to find the latest SexTech start ups and innovators has crowned the makers of a smart condom as its winner.

The Tech Hive Durex Startup Challenge in Beijing, China, found the makers of a condom that can detect blood flow and contract and expand accordingly – designed by a team led by Web Presence In China CTO Alex Ververis – to be worthy of recognition and a cash prize of RMB100,000 ($16,000).

A far cry from the usual setup of backslapping exhibitors, all involved with Durex’s scheme had to design, implement and launch a product within a specific timeframe. Ververis’ team adapted the age-old look and duty of a male condom and which employs printed circuitry and wifi for bio-feedback and is as a consequence is integrated with mechanical adaptation.

Ververis’ concept was one of six pitches that made it through to the 54-hour weekend event. Organized by Andy Mok, and known as China’s most respected startup accelerator, Tech Hive partnered with Durex to offer the winning team the cash prize, as well as marketing consultancy, promotion on Durex’ Chinese social media ecosystem (Weibo, WeChat, & Douban), and gift bags of sexual well-being products.

“The circuitry goes on a strip at the base of the condom,” Ververis told Newswire. “It can sense blood flow, and constrict or expand the diameter of the condom accordingly, with a gentle yet pleasant pumping action. The twin benefits are an enhanced and healthier sexual experience.

“We’re super pleased to have won the event, but even more happy that the event was held in Beijing. It shows not only that Beijing is the tech startup center of China, but also that there’s a real drive to solving social issues here through technological innovation.”