Software Review: Paparazzi!

In the never-ending flux of hors-de-combat, it seems, we must always have our eyes open perpetually. Blinked-and-missed-it is not the excuse your boss wants to hear. Or else, you see something fantastic—an exquisite shop window, a beautiful woman in kinky boots made out of Yak skin—but just don’t have the permanent resource to record it in a way that shows off its true beauty. An example being the daily urban threat of bad behavior of Flash Mob gangs who send out scouts looking for suckers wielding their iPads and nice Leica cameras as they walk the streets. Of course, you can keep your iPhone at the ready in your man-purse or backpack, but, again, where’s the true quality? Worse, however, in the same manner, comes a moment then, when you just want to bitch-slap yourself because you could have done that career of yours a Big by shooting a full-page snapshot of a website you saw momentarily but lacked the momentous resources to do it? And worse, way, way worse, is that thought that nags like a speck of toffee trapped inside a rotted molar, that someone else will see it and think it after you, but get there before you. Ouch!

Fear not. There are now quite a few brands of snapshot software out there, although most have certain limitations. One example is Kwout, which is pretty cool, yet is limited to screenshots no bigger than 600 x 600 pixels. Its rival, SuperScreenshots, takes a beautiful picture, but for some reason has a fuzzy font once it’s rendered into a screenshot.

Well, my fellow Mac users, there is now Paparazzi!  And, yes, indeed, the exclamation is in the name! Paparazzi! is a desktop application, an easy choice over SuperScreenshots because it’s easier to use and has many more options that make it much more configurable, simple to use and gives you umpteen options in creating your own thumbnails.

Written in Objective-C using the Cocoa API and the WebKit framework, this site distributes software for free via WeDownload Manager, and is compatible with any Mac products running OSX 10.6+. While it manages your downloads and suggests selected software, it’s also very much on the ball as its download manager is also programmed to make recommendations for commercial offers and coupons that you might be interested in. Very intuitive when it comes to suggesting additional software like browser, browser add-ons, toolbars, and other kinds of software applications, it’s a lot of fun once you know how to work it. And there’s never a need to install any additional software. It’s also easy, if you want to temporarily pump up your memory, that you can remove any of these recently installed programs any time you choose from your in Mac Applications folder.

When you turn on Paparazzi!, it steers you straight to a simple interface with an address bar and then offers you some optional choices  and configurations snapshots output  where you can tweak minimum size and custom crop images, set up and demonstrate various previews as well as a large ‘Capture’ button. Consider how here, for the first time, that full screenshot of a web page that’s many screens in width and length is now something you can do yourself. I used to have to shoot three or four separate screenshots before going through the hassle of fusing them in Photoshop.  Better yet, you can even create a separate thumbnail image, which is especially cool if you’re putting the snapshots on a personal greeting with Paparazzi! Soon, the process becomes a quite simple point and click. Simply enter in the URL and then click ‘Capture.’ Once that’s done, the page will load in a preview window. Now the length and width of the window is custom adjustable as necessary to fit. Finally then, you just click the ‘Save’ button to save the image in the file format of your choice (JPEG, PDF, Tebsite).

Paparazzi! will also give you a fairly accurate sense of what a site looks like in any given resolution. Simple! All you need to do is alter the Crop Size pop-up to fit one of the presets or be adventurous and choose your own dimensions.  Click ‘Capture’, you’ll get a sense for how well the site fits (or doesn’t fit) in the window size you’ve defined.

Finally, even if it’s not for work and may not be something you don’t need often, it’s great for printing invitations or birthday cards. And it’s free!

If you’re having problems with installation try this:

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