So, dealing with the idea of hair loss, we’ve learnt about treatments available for thinning hair, and about acceptance and confidence. So, finally, how about some awesome styles for balding men? Here are some of the best styles if your hair is just starting to thin, or if you’re bald.

Bruce Willis

Shave it all off

This is probably the easiest, fuss free way to go. Best for men with more bald patch than hair, but shaving it all off is also a pretty neat fashion statement and has been employed by many celebrities who aren’t actually balding. Bruce Willis notwithstanding!

Comb it forward

Not to be mistaken for a comb over, the comb forward is for those with early receding hairlines. Not everyone can pull of this look though and it requires skill to have hair looking just the right amount of ruffled and you’ll need to maintain slightly longer hair!

Textured and fluffy

Most of the time, men have more hair on the sides and back and less on the top. When this happens, then go for something more textured, short on the side and slightly longer and fluffier on the top. You’ll need to make sure you get regular cuts so it doesn’t accidentally become out-of-control shaggy.

Buzz Cut

This is a great cut if you’re in the early stages of balding. The short hair makes thinning hair less noticeable and it’s also fuss free. It suits almost everyone and you can even do it at home.

Buzz cut

Modified Caesar Cut

Made famous by George Clooney, this haircut is great if you have hair loss on your temples. It helps reduce the look of thinning on top of your head. Again, not everyone can pull it off, so proceed with caution.

Keep it natural

Just because you’re balding doesn’t mean you have to cut it all off. You can keep it natural and just let it grow out (and also trimming it to keep it neat) and be proud of your hair!

Some last tips

Some men who are losing hair on top, manage to still have kick ass beards! Beards are very in right now, so perhaps you might want to grow one too. Just make sure to keep your bear neat and trim. Comb overs are never a good idea. We know you’re bald. So please, don’t do it.

So whether you’re just starting to thin, or are quite a way down the road, we hope that these tips help you accept your hair loss and live life with style! Any more tips for your fellow balding men? Leave them in the comments!

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