Stoner App Lets You ‘Check-in’ Your Buzz

Considering the amount of shit news and apps that we get these days, I’m all for anything that tries to promote some kinda happy. If you can be passionate about checking in at restaurants, then stoners can be passionate about checking in when high. At least that’s the idea behind this new app called Who is Happy, which cheekily dubs itself ‘Foursquare for Stoners’.

The idea was sparked by Paolo Costa, who, as an epilepsy sufferer, is hoping the popularity of the app will help decriminalize cannabis is his native Brazil. Cannabis is used as one of the treatments for reducing seizures.

I spoke to Costa who explained:

“I think the app could be a really good tool to start a discussion about legalization in countries like Brazil. Brazil is a really conservative country and to change things like that takes time. Most of the population is still looking to cannabis users in a negative way, but things are changing. The medical cannabis discussion is progressing really well in Brazil and now patients with a prescription can buy CBD, a substance from cannabis that really helps patients with epilepsy.”

Since its launch in Brazil in January, it has become one of the top 30 most downloaded apps in the country and is now available for download in the U.S. The setup is simple. Who is Happy lets users check in when they’re getting their buzz on. Each check-in will remain on the map (indicated – obviously – by a puff of green smoke) for four hours after the button is pushed. Since the radius of the check-in is 1km, it makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly where the location of the happy person is – which is great if you happen to be lighting up in a place where cannabis is illegal. Individual users are never tagged.

You will be able to see where different users are getting high as well as check your own stats to see just how happy you’ve been. If you’re the competitive type, then check out the global leaderboard to see levels of happiness by country. I’m not sure why one would need to check stats like this, except maybe to have a sense of solidarity with other smokers around the world. You’re not alone, man!

The app is free to download for both iOS and Android. But the future of the app sounds much more interesting to me.

“We are working in some new features to provide to users useful geolocated information about dispensaries and doctors, who will be able to advertise on our platform,” said Costa.

Being able to find out where the dispensaries are on an app would be brilliant, especially if you’re visiting a new city/country. But for now, I’m good with just being happy.

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