Sugar Cum Tackles the Cannabis Market; Makes Weed Smokers Taste Better

A lot of people have their own suggestions when it comes to improving the taste of their semen or vaginal discharge. Many swear by pineapple and other fruits. The Internet’s general opinion suggests that a vegetarian diet tends to result in a more agreeable flavor, but it’s not just meat; dairy products, alcohol, deep fried foods and coffee are all assumed to make semen less palatable — because, as it’s painfully obvious, the Ejaculation Gods hate the best things in life.

What’s next on this list of forbidden goodness, you might be asking? It seems cannabis, guys — now making it roughly 90 percent of my overall daily intake of anything.

“Smoking marijuana even in small amounts can cause men’s semen to taste bitter and women to taste not so fresh,” a HiPleasures statement said.

HiPleasures is a Miami-based adult wellness company whose main product, Sugar Cum, is supposed to make your secretions taste delicious. The all-natural pills are claimed to be safe, invigorate anyone’s sexual experience and even be nutritionally beneficial, as the blend they use (extracts of pineapple, papaya, acai, wheatgrass and cinnamon) all help making your sex juices much sweeter.

In the past, several products that assert improving the taste of semen have been developed and sold, but this is the first one available that has tapped the cannabis market.

“What research and the public is finding out about the connection of weed and how you taste, is something that I have known all along,” HiPleasure CEO Brittani Feinberg said. “It’s personal and a lot of people don’t want to talk about it, but it’s definitely a problem. This is why dispensaries are discreetly stocking up on not only the five-day supply, but also the 30-day supply.”

Medical marijuana is legal in some form in 23 states in the U.S. (and counting!), so approaching the dispensaries is a very smart way to tackle one of the fastest-growing markets available. As new research keeps showing connections between smoking weed and tasting bitter, more dispensaries seem to be stocking up on Sugar Cum.

Feinberg, whose goal is to become one of the young sex educators of her generation, opened her own sex shop at barely 22, The House of Intoxicating Pleasures. After much success with the store, she decided to focus on the manufacture of her own line of products. Sugar Cum is the first of them.

The pills are said to boost your energy, fuel your libido and sweeten your load. The five-day pack (10 capsules) goes for $19.99, while the 30-day option (60 capsules) costs $49.99. Sugar Cum is available on the HiPleasures website and at selected retailers in California and Europe. Additionally, if you’d like to become a wholesaler, you can fill in the form here.

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