If you’re like me, you’ve got too many damned devices. Or, actually, what I should say more politely is that I’ve got a multiplicity of devices, but, usually, although I often have an immediate desire to use them in the right now, I can’t because they’re not charged up. If this is the case with you too, buy a couple of these babies and you can multi-task, micro-manage, have your cake, eat it and listen to Beethoven’s Ninth all the same time.

The Bolse 7-Port USB charger is the ultimate all-in-one charging machine. It frees up your wall sockets, keeps everything within reach and will charge every make and model device available in North America at maximum speed. I mean, speed matters! Right now, I could be otherwise engaged, sacrificing myself, playing vid games for you, of course. Yes, the Boise 7-Port Charger a/k/a the ’Smart C’ makes your life easier.

Tech Review: Bolse 7-Port Charger

Owning lots of electronics is all well and good. But, like last April, when all three of my kids were home for us to attend a wedding en masse, there just wasn’t enough juice to satisfy the whole device devouring clan. Well, not among high-powered chargers anyway. You know, some chargers just don’t work at all with certain tablets. Mind you, even if there were enough, and even if I could find enough, I’d need a giant extension cord just to plug them all in simultaneously. What I’ve needed for decades is a single charger that can power all of my devices at once. And, you know, if I owned more than two, then I could stage ruthless gladiator games as my wife and the kids and in-laws and wanna-be in-laws fight it out.

Now beware! A warning note is included in the box, which gives you a common sense explanation as to why charging seven high current devices simultaneously is possibly all right but could be incendiary. Should you attempt to charge a large number of laptops or, say, iPads, all at once, your best maximum bet should be limiting yourself to five. Simple math says that with the maximum of 60W, or 12 amps at 5V, the LC128 provides you’re suckin’ up a lot of juice. Your high-power devices can drain up to 2.1-2.4 amps. If you do try to overcharge, the LED Indicator will flash and go nuts, making it very clear that you should unplug one or more devices.

Most USB chargers plug directly into the AC outlet, the Bolse unit is a separate device, powered by a standard 1.5m IEC C7 power cord (the same used on the PlayStation 2 or 3, and many other consumer electronics), so there needs to be no concern about acquiring a shock from a separate power ‘brick.’ This means 1.5m of additional reach on USB charging cable, resulting in less adventures involving twisted cords and wires for you to unravel behind the headboard or couch as you try to recall where all the sockets were when you first moved in. Same goes for puppies chewing cords. The animal may not be replaceable but the cord is!

Better yet, as my daughter comes in from New Delhi and my son from Santo Domingo in the DR, the Bolse 7-Port Charger is perfect for international use: the unit accepts any voltage from 100-240V, and will happily work with either a plug-adapter on the original cable, or a standard cable purchased in the country you’re traveling.

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