Imagine a bathroom with no towels. Cutting your laundry down by a third.  A ton more closet space in your bathroom. A small, but genuine change in our lifestyles… all because an invention has taken the notion of the industrial-type machine dryers we see in the bathrooms of shopping malls, factories and many restaurants, and reimagined something that us mere mortals can work with.  Overk’s new high-speed dryer for your body could mean you never need get out of your bath or shower to touch a towel someone else may well have touched ever again.

Functioning in a similar way to high-speed blow dryers for hands, the Body Dryer is a device that claims to leave you completely dry in just 30 seconds, eliminating the risk of contact with bacteria you get with using towels.

the body dryer

Having begun the company two years ago with the goal of creating a refreshing bacteria-free drying experience, Overk and his team of boffins wanted to be rid of all traditional drying options such as the towel, which demands a considerable amount of maintenance and definitely more than one.  Historically, hand-drying options began with a simple tri-fold paper towel. Next was a high-powered wall unit for drying. This was very inefficient because it was heavy (up to 250lbs), and took an enormous amount of juice to run in an arthritic manner.

Finally, along came efficient high-powered but lightweight wall units. Then came the Dyson two-sided drying system where the water is pushed down off the hands. Overk sees this same evolution happening with the whole body and his high-powered and efficient dryer seems a logical improvement in all our lives.

the body dryer

It really couldn’t be simpler. You stand on a platform while compressed ionized hot or cold air is forced upward at strategic angles, causing water to run downward off the body. You choose what kind of air. It is, I can’t help but note, a dream convenience for hygiene-obsessed and absorbed women like my grandmother, mother and the Puerto-Rican cleaning machine, the brown tornado, my mother-in-law, the Goddess of Dead Dirt, Doña Marina Candelería Rojas de Vazquéz. No more chapping. No more bacteria. No more recycled bacteria!

“We realized that there are so many germs, so much bacteria that we are reusing and putting back onto our bodies after we’ve cleaned ourselves,” explained Overk on Body Dryer’s web site.

He also hopes to adapt the concept to make it suitable for use in gyms or public pools.

After two years in the making, the project is set to launch a campaign on another ambitious crowd funding website, Indiegogo, this April in order to move into the first stages of production.

The Body Dryer is scheduled to retail at an estimated price of US$250. Early pledgers, however, will be able to secure the product for US$125.

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