Technology and Male Evolution

Virtual reality adult content is emerging at a growing rate, teledildonics is allowing people to enjoy each other’s sensual company from any distance, and many taboos are being deconstructed across the board. At long last, the future of sex is here. And there are a staggering number of implications.

One of these implications is the undercurrent of fear men must have of being left in the techno-evolutionary dust. Males of the species, when faced with pleasing females, often feel they are at a disadvantage, and now there is a massive catalogue of software and hardware rendering their beloved schlongs virtually useless.

However, this is not a sign of a sexual apocalypse for man-folk.

It’s not too crazy to postulate that males derive great pride in the pleasing power of their shtuppers. Failing to utilize one’s boner to its utmost potential is generally a cause for great anxiety. Men, really by their own devices, are at the psychological mercy of their members’ successes and failures.

The male ego, a fragile and aggressive creature, is a driving force in poorly constructed and misinformed sexual myths. It’s not useful or even healthy to be the sum of one body part’s ability to be pleasing. Men will shy away from toys and tools, thinking they’re bodies and abilities are enough, but sadly, that is not always the case. Again, this is no cause for misery, but an opportunity to evolve.

Companies like KIIROO and Hot Octopuss, among other innovators in the adult technology world, are coming out with all kinds of powerful tools to change the way we perceive and practice sex. Specifically, designers like these mentioned are creating devices for men to use by themselves, with a partner, or really in any configuration of sexual play. The notion here is to dispel the idea that technology is replacing the male, but rather offering more avenues by which sexuality can be explored.

The suggestion here is, if the user happens to be a male attempting to please a female, to relinquish the necessity for biological wood for at least one sexual event. This technology acts as an extension of one’s experiences, and is only meant to inspire more confidence in one’s carnal identity. It’s still the user manipulating the device, utilizing advancements in tech to invoke orgasmic pleasure. So what if it’s the tool that summons the actual orgasm?

If you think about applied sex and sexuality in theory, it’s not a great deal different than other perfectly fine creaturely things we do and think about. Being trapped in a body has its limitations, and sex is not exempt from this. This is why there is a cornucopia of tools to extend our behavior – no male who still believes in outdated guidelines to firmer masculinity will feel threatened because they have to use an axe to fell a tree instead of punching the thing down. Being a Luddite in the bedroom isn’t unavoidably bad, but if sexual hubris appears, then body and mind limitations will create problems for those who think using toys makes them deficient.

The first step is to evolve past the notion that masculinity means the most effective utilization of schlongs to make women feel the pleasure. More often than most males would like to admit, that simply doesn’t always work. So evolve into technology use, and feel pleasure in giving pleasure, instead of using sex as an egotistical affirmation of the fallible phallus. It’ll make all parties involved happier, and open up erotic possibilities that were once only available in science fiction. So divorce ego from sexuality, and enjoy the future.

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