Few of us are lucky (or unlucky, depends on how you look at it) enough to find our ‘one true love’ the first time we date someone. We probably need to go around the block a few times before we find ‘the one’. For me, dating is a learning experience. With each relationship I learn about myself and improve, only to be a better version of myself for my next relationship. You can learn so much about yourself from who you date – if you’re willing to take the responsibility (Of course it’s about love and companionship and all that too. And sex. Duh!). Listed below are the women you need to date at least once in your life!

the sweet girl
Where does this go?

The Sweet Girl

The Woman: Long hair and dresses are the way she rolls. She wants nothing more than to start a family and love and be loved.

The Good: She’s sunshine and positivity, she’s always happy to see you and support you. She’ll cook you yummy dishes and fold your socks. She makes you feel happy to see her and grateful for her. She shows you that there are good people in the world and she takes you out of your grumpy depths.

The Bad: She might get too needy and if things don’t work out, who would want to break up with such a sweetie?

the older woman
Everything still in its place.

The Older Woman

The Woman: The lady has got her shit together. She’s got her own place, a great job (or even her own business), she drinks good wine, eats at nice places and goes on holidays where she doesn’t have to share the bathroom with five other backpackers.

The Good: She is the woman that will teach you the difference between a good suit and something off the hanger, single malt and single grain and that it’s ok to prefer good wine than something from a box. She knows what she wants in bed and isn’t afraid to ask for it and when she says she came three times, you know she’s not faking it. In fact she’s taught you a few (or many) moves too.

The Bad: She might be too set in her ways. You might also get insecure around this put-together-lass and that will cause tension in the relationship.

the quirky one
Let’s do it in a giant sombrero!

The Quirky One

The Woman: She’s the girl with the cheeky fringe, large glasses and flowery skirt matched with combat boots.

The Good: She’ll take you to interesting gigs, leave you funny messages in unexpected places and all her friends are interesting arty types or tech geeks who will make you feel cool by association. Nothing will be normal or boring with her and the sex will be amazing. Probably the one who is most willing to be experimental among three.

The Bad: It might get a little too hard to keep up with her flightiness and maybe, just maybe, sometimes you want normal ol’ boring sex rather than going at it from the sex swing and experimenting with dildos.

Of course this tongue in cheek generalization of women is just that, a generalization. Not all older women are put together and not all girls who have long hair and wear dresses are sweet. So take this guide with a pinch of salt. Other than that, enjoy your dating life! Tell us if you’ve dated such women before and what you learned from it in the comments!

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