You’ve heard the saying, no man is an island, and this holds true even if some men would like to think of themselves as lone wolves. Nothing beats a good bonding session with the mates over a couple of pints, an adventure cross country on your bikes or even a good game of Battlefield on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Bromances have existed way before Dave Carnie coined the term in 1990. True bros stick together and stick up for each other. These are the dudes that will have your back no matter what. It gives you a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside, doesn’t it? Check out some great on screen bromances from all stages of life.

Edward and Carter from The Bucket list

Bring on the tissue! This is a tearjerker, so perhaps you might want to crash some beer cans on your forehead to prove your manhood, but you can’t avoid the mighty bromance that is happening in this movie. Billionaire and hardhearted Edward (Jack Nicholson) ends up sharing a hospital room with Carter (Morgan Freeman) when they are both given a terminal diagnosis.

An unlikely friendship sparks and they end up traveling the world checking things off their bucket list. Good thing Edward is a billionaire or else this movie would’ve ended up very differently. However, no one said you have to be a billionaire to share your dreams with your bro.

Andy and Red from The Shawshank Redemption

A true bro has got your back and keeps his word, even after many years. Another movie with Morgan Freeman in it. Perhaps Mr. Freeman is the true bro of bros? Or perhaps that voice is so smooth and silky, just listening to it alone creates bonds of friendship? This is a truly touching movie about friendship and solace found in each other even through the trials and tribulations of prison.

Phil, Stu, Doug and Alan from The Hangover

Moving on we come to the ultimate test of all Bromances – the Bachelor Party. True bros will give you a time of your life and if they go overboard and accidently lose you in the process a.k.a The Hangover, they will suffer through their massive hangovers to find you in time for your wedding AND cover for you with your fiancé.

Harold Lee and Kumar Patel from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Ah, adventures with pot. Who can forget the weed-fueled munchie sessions with the bros back in the days before you had to be all responsible? Whether you’re at this stage of life or looking back fondly, we can relate to this movie – perhaps not the whole movie (I’m looking at you NPH), but at least about the food and fun fueled by drugs. Nothing creates a stronger bond than going through stupid shit together.

Seth and Evan from Superbad

Finally we come to when bromances begin. The high school years. When you bond over trying to get laid, trying to drink alcohol and trying not to get your ass kicked. A lot of trying here, but at least you’re doing it together. Who can forget the classic, drunken Boop!

Do you have any other movies that bring out the Bro bond? Let us know in the comments!

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