Every once in a while, there will come a time when a man will need to tie a bow tie. Even if you’re not the kind that attends events that require bow ties, being able to use this skill even once in your life is win enough to learn this skill. Especially if his skill also manages to impress a gal or two *wink*.

First, check this nifty little infographics by Conor Whelan that will teach you tie a bow tie.

The BaDoink Guide To Ties

Great, huh? Now go on and purchase a bow tie and start practicing!

Fact is, times are changing lads! Bow tie’s aren’t only meant for black tie functions anymore. Get inspired by checking out the creative ways people are wearing them on the streets!

Come on, be bold and get yourself a bow tie and kick up your style a notch.

How to Tie a Tie

When I was growing up my mum taught me how to tie a tie and even though I have almost never had to wear a tie, I still remember how to tie one. What I never realised was just how many ways there is to tie a tie. I learnt how to tie a pratt knot, which is probably the simplest and most common knots out there.

Now I know how to tie a few more type of knots, but my favourite knot is still the pratt. What I find funny is the amount of men I know that do not know how to tie a tie. Come on guys. This is a good skill to have. You don’t have to be fancy, but at least know one knot!

Anyway, I thought I’d help you guys out by showing you how to tie a tie. Well, I won’t show you but according to my good friend YouTube, Alex Krasny has made a few easy to follow videos on how to tie a tie. He’s got loads but I’ve listed some of the most common knots here for you.

The Pratt Knot

The Eldredge Knot

The Four in Hand Knot

The Trinity Knot

A few tips
Your tie should hang right on your beltline. If it is above it’s too short, if it’s below it’s too long.
• Skinny ties might be great at work or on a night out, but not so much for more ‘formal’ events.
• Don’t forget a tie bar. It just ahem, ties the whole look together! Read up about how to use one.
• If you’re going for a more modern look, go for a slimmer tie. Not super skinny, but slim (2.5in).

If you’re having trouble matching your tie to your print shirts, check out our guide on how to do just that! What is your favorite tie knot? Let us know in the comments!

The BaDoink Guide To Ties

How to use a Tie Bar

What gives one well dressed man the edge over another? A Tie bar. We’re sure of it. As you well know, we’re all about the little details and accessorizing here in BaDoink. You can be sure all our staff are well dressed and dapper looking!

We love the tie bar. It just gives your suit a little something extra that says you’re a man of the world. Oh it also keeps your tie out of your food or face (if you’re bending over). If you’re new to the world of tie bars, don’t worry, we’re here to educate.

Where does it go?
On your tie, duh! Actually, to be precise, you have to clip both front and back ends of your tie to the placket of your shirt. That way, your tie stays put even if you move around.

Now let’s talk placing. I know it may sound trivial, but where you place your tie bar makes a difference. Too high or too low and you show your ignorance. But just right and you’re a man of the world. To be clear, it should be placed around your boob area.

Got it. Now how wide do I go?
Good question. If it is going past the width of your tie, it is too long. Never ever do this. If you have a skinny tie and a tie bar that is too long, then suck it up and buy one that fits your tie. Ideally it should be half or ¾ the width of your tie.

What Color/Design should I have?
Tie bars come in all kinds of colors and designs so you could stay safe and pick a silver or gold color that will match your cuffs of belt buckle. Or you could add some spice and match it to your socks or your tie. There are no hard and fast rules to style, so go with just don’t do it in bad taste.

When do I wear a Tie Bar?
When don’t you wear a Tie Bar is the question. The answer is never. If you have a tie on, then wear a tie bar young chap! It will make you look all the more better.

So go on, get a few tie bars. I swear you’ll thank us in the long run!

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