The Best Of Mad Men


In 2007 we were drawn into the beautifully rendered and often surreal world of Don Draper and company, and in a little under a week, we’ll be saying goodbye to Matthew Weiner’s unforgettable gift to television. Mad Men captured an era and finally it’s that era’s end. As the series comes to a close, we at BaDoink are joining in the internet’s nostalgic look back at one of the defining small screen wonders of our generation.

Although it’s impossible to say which characters and scenes were most memorable we’ve tried to compile some of the very best Mad Men moments – from when smoke got in our eyes that very first time to when Betty’s final note to Sally made us curl up and sob this past Sunday.

Enjoy our very own carousel of memories: an hilarious, emotional, and sexy tribute to Mad Men.

First off, remember that time when Don reinvented the wheel and gave us all the feels (also, Harry Crane cried, and that was funny)? If by that point you didn’t know how much of a subtle badass Don was, this sealed the deal.

Speaking of badasses, remember how poorly Don treated Betty? Well, she got to shoot birds while smoking a cigarette. Don’s never done anything quite that brutal.

And then there was the time a lawnmower mowed through someone’s foot. That was a shocking reminder of how unpredictable Mad Men can be.

You know what was also pretty great? Pete getting his lights knocked out by Lane Pryce. No one in the history of TV has ever deserved a face punching so intensely.

Also, for all those Trudy lovers – which includes folks who want to see Pete fail a whole bunch – wasn’t it awesome to watch her take down Pete? Because he deserved it so hard? Chills, you guys, chills.

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of the most sensual moments from the show, Megan’s beautifully burlesque rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou.” We still don’t know what made Don so weird about it.

That wasn’t even the strangest musical moment from the series, though. In one of Mad Men’s surreal turns, Don had a vision of Cooper singing “The Best Things in Life Are Free” hardly a day after his passing. It was chilling in a fun way, and kept us guessing as to what’s really going on in Don’s head.

Pretty much everything Roger did and said were classic as well, but nothing quite trumps him tripping balls.

Then there’s that time the entire SC&P office loses their marbles after taking medication to increase workflow. Don’s speech here perfectly shows how wacked out the office becomes.

Before we finish it’d be a tragedy to not mention how gorgeously brutal Joan’s character is throughout the entire series. Her rapport with Don is so meticulously and wonderfully acted when they check out the Jaguar showroom. Remember, though, all of the muck she has to wade through, because that makes the performance even more powerful.

And let’s not forget the biggest badass of them all, Peggy Olson, the only other person in the series to be a true match for Draper. It’s difficult to say which of her moments stood out the most. There was the Burger Chef pitch, mirroring Don’s for Kodak, the time she got stoned, the office roller skating, and getting over a gift wrapped nipple. Hats off to her final moment so far, though, because nothing says “I give zero fucks” like busting into McCann super hungover, cigarette in the mouth, and octopus sex painting under the arm.

It’s not Peggy’s most epic moment, but it’s a perfect encapsulation of who she’s become. If it’s the end of an era for Don and his ilk, Peggy’s era is just beginning.

Have a favorite scene from Mad Men? Post it in the comments below and join us in being nostalgic. At least there’s still House of Cards.

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