For the longest time Pebble smartwatch sat atop its throne as the highest funded Kickstarter campaign ever – only to be beat by the newest kid on the block, The Coolest. What is this ingenious device that could knock off Pebble from its lofty throne? Well, it’s a cooler. Yes, that box that you store ice and things in so that they keep cool.

At the time of writing this piece it has raised over $10.8 million (yes, I didn’t stutter, that’s million) six million more than Pebble’s $10.2 million. That’s a lot of money for a mere cooler. But to be fair, look at it. It’s a cooler, but it’s also a box of awesomeness – according to the Kickstarter video anyway.

Coolest has a whole host of nerdy things built into it. It’s like, every time someone somewhere said, “Man, I wish this cooler came with…” Ryan Grepper, the creator of Coolest, was listening in and taking notes. And then he built his magic machine. Check out what comes with the Coolest: 

The Coolest Cooler: Most Funded Kickstarter Campaign Ever

So yeah, you can blend (oh yeah beach margaritas), charge your phone, listen to music through its Bluetooth speakers, and much, much more. And those are just some of its perks. When it does make its real world debut it will retail for $299 – alas, it doesn’t launch (only to Kickstarter backers for now) in February 2015, so hopefully by the time it’s ready for the general public, it’ll be summer time again.

Although the features in The Coolest are plenty, it still remains to be seen if Grepper will be able to deliver on his promise of the best cooler in the history of coolers. I mean, it does sound a little too good to be true, a little as-seen-on-TV-ish… “And now we have a new gadget – it can mow your lawn, feed your kids, apply your make-up and help you lose weight, all for $99.99!”

However for now, this surprising campaign has caught the hearts of Internet denizens. If The Coolest delivers on it’s promise then you can bet your ass that I’ll be lining up to get one for the summer of 2015!

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