In the future, people will ask, ‘Do you remember what you were doing… the day Facebook was off for, like, 15 minutes?’ For a quarter of an hour, on Thursday June 19, 2014, the world was suddenly a colder, lonelier place… a quarter of an hour that seemingly stretched into an eternity. Somewhere in the universe, a tiny virtual butterfly had flapped its gossamer binary code wings and unleashed a catastrophe – YES, a CATASTROPHE! – on a poor, unsuspecting social-networked global populace. The horror… THE HORROR!


So, okay, fine, Facebook did eventually come back and through eyes misted with tears we sat back at our screens, pulling ourselves away from the embraces of colleagues, fellow public transport travelers and partners, away from the awful embarrassment of actual, physical human contact and back to the welcoming safety and anonymity of Zuckerland. And although it may have only been 15 minutes, 20 tops, and everything seems calm again now, what the holistic consequences that wave of worldwide frustration will eventually have on the planet’s psychology only time will tell. I suspect war. In Hawaii.

Verily, the butterfly doth continue to flit chaos upon us all.

In the meantime… here’s a bunch of #facebookdown funny tweets!











  1. The Kitkat one is genius, great marketing

  2. most productive hour at the office EVER.