Far be it from us to apply the terminology of war to nudie photos of female celebrities, but we truly have entered the ‘Operation Rolling Thunder’ phase of this series of X-rated leaks.

After the strange mixture of joy, lust, consternation and anger at the release of a number of private and intimate photos of the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, 4chan and Reddit were the recipients of yet more flesh-flashing.

The Fappening II: More Pictures Released
Vanesa Hudgens

Saturday morning saw the uploading of photos of Kim Kardashian West and Vanessa Hudgens. Alongside that were newer shots of Lawrence, USA soccer goalie Hope Solo and actress Kaley Cuoco.

The Fappening II: More Pictures Released
Kaley Cuoco

A good portion of the photos were rather speedily taken down from the message boards thanks to Reddit’s newly-hardened stance and 4chan’s new policy on copyright infringement (more than likely born from the very real fear of legal intervention and long, harrowing investigation).

The Fappening II: More Pictures Released
Hope Solo

However, as of Saturday evening the photos was still accessible via the subreddit /r/celebnsfw, the Ground Zero of this most recent round of privacy invasion.

The Fappening II: More Pictures Released
Kate Bosworth

Recent updates from the likes of TMZ and UK newspaper the Daily Mirror have confirmed that nude photographs of Rihanna, Gabrielle Union, Amber Heard and Kate Bosworth have made their way into the public domain. Harry Potter actress Emma Watson may also come under the most intense of scrutiny from the filthy-minded as similar shots of her are alleged to be dropped soon.

The Fappening II: More Pictures Released
Amber Heard

The Internet being what it is (i.e. a lawless John Wayne wet dream), the shadowy mob that turned nude leak central #TheFappening into a rip-roaring media storm has gathered to coordinate and post Imgur galleries of the new leaks.

The Fappening II: More Pictures Released

Whether the images are taken down at source or not, the genie is definitely out of the bottle in this case. You may as well throw away the cork.

The Fappening II: More Pictures Released
Gabrielle Union

Kardashian West, interviewed on radio earlier in September, cited the leak as “a wake-up call” for famous faces (and the rest of them…) to make sure their privacy settings are watertight. But just as sure as there’s no such thing as a free lunch, a guaranteed bet, there are some things you can’t help but lose.

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