The Galactic Cap is a “pregnancy prevention” device being peddled for clinical trials on crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

Powell Productions believe that they’ve invented a revolutionary new method of birth control that “men will want to wear and their partners will love.” Others are not so convinced…

The Galactic Cap’s design seems to stem from their belief that traditional condoms are failing because of the reduction in sensitivity. They’ve crafted their device in a way that only inhibits the head of the penis, leaving the shaft to go about its business naked. Albeit true, is a lack of sensitivity really the main reason in the western world? Surely the whole fumbling awkwardness that goes with any condom’s application is mostly to blame?

The Galactic Cap: A New Contraception for Men?

What could be worse than stopping in the heat of the moment than rolling that flimsy, sausage casing over your wang and strangling it, just as it was starting to have a good time?

How about putting a super sticky, adhesive tab on the head of your penis hours or “even days” before the act and then when all that anticipation has finally paid off, sticking a little yamaka on top of that to catch the jizz?

Is the idea that bachelors are meant to be constantly ready for action and wearing these daily? Most guys can’t even be bothered wearing underwear daily; I can’t see them doing something as finicky as this.

And if the adhesive is strong enough to stay put while it’s being thrust deep inside your significant other, then how do you get it off once the deed is done?

I’m sure the inventor’s wife has more than her fair share of protocols all up in that.

On the plus side, if the Galactic Cap was to pass all relevant tests as far as STI prevention is concerned, it could potentially take off in the porn world – where hours of preparation are the norm and laws in certain places are making it difficult not to use protection. When the actual sex was happening you wouldn’t even be able to see the device, only you’d have to miss out on that initial penetration scene and then the creampie – arguably the best shots.

Although their idea comes from a good place, and there indeed needs to be a better solution than the humble condom, I can’t help but think this isn’t it.

Check it out for yourself.

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