One of the most popular character arches now in television and film is the bromance, an epic friendship between bros that often spans more screentime than any conventional romance story. The bromance, not a new thing by any means but gathering more and more popularity the more writers strive to include it in their media. It’s the pinnacle of friendship, and can teach us a great many things about relationships and life in general. I’d wager that on-screen bromances have taught us more than we can ever truly understand.

So, of course, I’ve attempted to compile some of the most important lessons from some of our favorite bromances in big and small screen history.

Turk and J.D. is one of the greatest of all TV bromances. They taught us it’s totally fine for two men to be better friends than any married couple ever, and hugging is vital for a true friendship. The doctor/surgeon pair showed us that supporting a friend can mean letting yourself get eagled, being the bottom half of the “World’s Tallest Doctor,” and being the harmony part on many, many songs such as “Guy Love” and “Steak Night.” All friends ever wish they could be more like Turk and J.D.

Wayne and Garth’s bromance runs deep. They grew into awkward middle age and weathered many changes together (though they “fear change”). One of media’s best dynamic duos, their friendship showed us that no matter terminators or t-rexes get in your way, the show must go on, and Aerosmith will save the day.

Han Solo and Chewbacca, smugglers extraordinaire, showed us that even a faulty hyperdrive shouldn’t come between friends, and that anyone who got between friends would be choked, cross-bowed, and shot down by a commandeered imperial walker. True bromances can make the far reaches of space one great adventure.

Troy and Abed are the real mavericks of bromance, because their bromantic relationship transcends normal everyday experience. These two enjoyed playful hallucinations with one another, even going so far as to fill their school with fake lava to impede one of them leaving. Troy and Abed (“in the morning”) taught us that real bromance means being creative together, going to war with one another, and beating one another with pillows to never stop being close. #sixseasonsandamovie

Spock and Kirk are the best friends to ever grace the galaxy. Their bromance transcended all logic (even Vulcan logic) and is the cornerstone for all bromances ever. These two taught us what it really meant to be human, and that no matter where you go in the final frontier, having your bro along can literally save your life and the lives of everyone under your command. We’d never have learned to “live long and prosper” without Spock and Kirk.

Harry and Lloyd are the classic dunces of our time, and the greatest examples of bros before hos imaginable (even if their whole situation was completely unwitting). Their friendship and bromance is a thing of cross country legend, and importantly demonstrated that if one of you is wearing a ridiculous suit, don one yourself and that anything is forgivable (even selling a dog van for a mini motorcycle, or constantly trying to steal the woman of your desires). Can’t wait for the sequel.

Also, if you were wondering, Joey and Chandler should be on this list of bromances, as they, according to the Internet and most humans, define bromances. Forgive me, though, for being one of maybe six creatures on the planet who’s never binged the entirety of Friends. Happy bromances to all!

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