The Hottest Women in Dystopia

The dystopian genre is one of nightmare glimpses into our very own doomed future, complete with apocalypses, totalitarianism, and hypnopaedia. However, for every anti-hero that gets sucked into, eternal gloom, there’s a sexy lady somewhere to shed a little hope on the situation (before she’s inevitably liquidated or something equally tragic). Although the dystopian canon is one of the most depressing branches of science fiction, there are some fine female specimens.

For your dystopian pleasure, I’ve compiled a list of some of the sexiest ladies (leading and supporting) from your favorite fictional doomed futures.

Leeloo from The Fifth Element

Milla Jovovich wrapped in the scantiest medical tape ever? Awesome. Plus, she can eat an entire chicken and save entire universes from untimely doom. I’ll agree with the filmmakers in saying that she is definitely a perfect being.

Lenina Crowne from Brave New World

A pleasant inhabitant of Aldous Huxley’s sex and drugs nightmare, she’s undeniably attractive because of her easily zipped away attire and her reputation as being “pneumatic.” John the Savage was a tool for not hitting that instead of spouting Shakespeare.

Irene Cassini from Gattaca

That scene where Irene and Vincent/Jerome ravish each other by the beach? So awesome. Uma Thurman is brutally sexy in this terrifying genetic dystopia. It’s that soul piercing gaze and deliciously languid way of speaking that makes us wish we could inhabit her world, regardless of how we’d know the precise date of our own death (goddamn eugenics).

Pris Stratton from Blade Runner

Daryl Hannah as a psychotic robot sex monster who tries to murder Bruce Willis and dresses as a mannequin? Truly terrifying, but also sexy, but also unsettling, especially because of that scene where she’s writhing on the floor and shrieking. Let’s forget that one moment, and focus on how she seduces the brilliant manchild dude who builds creepy, intelligent toys.

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

She may be the tragic hero of the world’s biggest young adult trilogy phenomenon, but she’s also played by Jennifer Lawrence, so she’s inexorably, highly attractive. Also, besides Lawrence’s casting, she’s a badass archer and juggles men like President Snow juggles thousands upon thousands of lives. Too bad about the crippling war nightmares, though. Enjoy, Peeta, you cake-making bastard.

Evey Hammond from V for Vendetta

Even Natalie Portman with a shaved head is undeniably gorgeous. Evey is sexy and awesome enough to make the English dystopian murdering terrorist hero fall head over knives in love with her. I never knew how sexy being devoid of all fear could be… she’d probably stab me.

Bainsley from The Zero Theorem

First, she’ll save your life from choking. Then, she’ll make passionate love to you inside a utopian virtual reality of her own design. She’s the ultimate distraction from a crippling consumerist dystopia where Management will crunch you into a pile of numbers and destroy your existence with a smile.

Trinity from The Matrix

You’d think that a world where robots have leveled most of humanity and the rest of the earth would have stripped of all the attractive female species, but we’re all pleased that the machines let Carrie-Anne Moss survive the apocalypse to brighten up Neo’s (and our) dystopian hellscape of dumb slow motion and wonky philosophy.

Oryx from Oryx and Crake

In the final chapters of Margaret Atwood’s crazy dystopian circus, you get to meet the caring and extremely seductive Oryx, a mysterious lady who turns not only the main narrator, but also the megalomaniacal antagonist of the novel, into human putty in her hands. Also, she’s hyper mysterious, and that just makes her more tempting.

Ruth C from Never Let Me Go

Although she’s utterly tragic, she’s played by Keira Knightley in the not-as-incredible film adaptation, and no amount of depressing narrative elements can detract from her seductive face. She’s likely one of the sexiest clones ever invented by an author, and should definitely make it on more lists of science fiction ladies more often. Spoilers: she’s even sexy when half her organs are removed.

So there you have it, fans of horrifying science fiction and speculative novel/film futures. Everyone and everything may be headed down a path of destruction, cataclysm, totalitarianism, and the utter demise of all free will, but at least (according to fictional accounts) sexy ladies will remain. Until complete and total annihilation, of course, but then we’ll all be dust, so that’s a plus.

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