We’ve heard a lot about breast cancer, and it’s great that women now (hopefully) know how to self breast examine but cancer is non-discriminatory and men too get struck by this disease in the form of testicular cancer. It’s not super common yet (a man’s chance of getting it is 1 in 207) and can be treated and usually cured if caught early.

So just like women, men too must learn how to examine their bits. Sadly, not enough men take this seriously and while their hands are down their pants often enough, it certainly isn’t there to feel for lumps in their ball sack!

Of course I feel it is my civic duty to provide a way for the male readers of BaDoink to know how to examine their own sacks for irregularities. And what do you know? I’ve managed to find an awesome video of a testicular self exam. We have the Wolverhampton Wolverines Rugby Team to thank! So get on it lads!

Let us know how it goes in the comments!

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