The Luxy App: For Dating Without the Riff-Raff

There, we hit it. The bottom. I mean, it was about time, considering the ‘brilliant’ app ideas that start-ups are coming up with. It feels like the rich of Silicon Valley can’t give their money away quickly enough (BTW, just putting it out there, I am open to receiving any amount of money. I have great ideas, I swear!).

If you have ever thought to yourself, “Man, there are too many poor, ugly people on Tinder!” well then congratulations you’re not the only one, bub. There’s at least one schmuck out there who thinks the same. One with either the money or programming skills (or both) to create Luxy, a dating app like, “Tinder, minus the poor people.”

So, the 1% can now breathe a sigh of relief that their nether regions shall never be penetrated by a poor, lowly, undeserving sexual organ. Apparently the male population of Luxy earns a minimum of $200k a year. No word on what the women earn, presumably because, “It dun’t matter, ’slong as she’s HOT!” or something to that effect.

In their press release, the nameless CEO of Luxy says, “It works just like Tinder with one big exception: Our app allows users to weed out the poor and unattractive.”

What they really mean is, they’re weeding out the poor (men) and unattractive (women). Reading between the lines skills, I gots it.

Anyway, for those of you who care (and let’s not pretend, I’m pretty sure many of you have already downloaded the app hoping to score some hot, rich person – don’t worry, the app will find you and kick you out pretty soon – or so they say), the app works just like Tinder. Swipe right and it’s a like, swipe left and it’s a pass. So far there are over 3,000 downloads on Google Play. We shall wait and see how this turns out. Download the iPhone version to see.

The Luxy App: For Dating Without the Riff-Raff


  1. I’ll give a try

  2. and exactly how do they know how much someone makes? gotta showem the bank account?