The brothers Manning don’t only rock on the football field but thanks to this awesome music video they did for DirecTV they also are rocking the best advertisement I’ve seen this year. The two NFL quarterbacks Eli and Peyton Manning showcase their comedic chops in this video advertising DirecTV new fantasy zone channel, featuring day in, day out Fantasy Football or Fantasy Football Fantasy to be exact.

Basically this video is like the manly version of the Old Spice’ Man your man could smell like video – having all the fantasies that football loving men dream about, like catching a football that came from Peyton Manning, nacho and cheese, sandwiches, and having a Manning as your best friend, complete with hot dancing girls.

This video comes after the wildly successful Football on Your Phone music video they did for DirecTV’s Fantasy Zone channel. They both look just the right amount of nerdy and creepy to make the video work. Not to mention that their dad Archie Manning also makes an appearance in both videos adding more awesomeness to it. Check it out below:

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