The Masterpiece iPad App Will Help You Draw Like A Pro

If drawing has been on your bucket list for a while but you can’t draw for nuts, then this new iPad app could just be the solution for you.

Brought to you by the people who came up with the iPad add-on Osmo, their new app Masterpiece is a simple but brilliant idea. Using your iPad’s front-facing camera, you will be able to draw almost anything. You’ll need a few extra bits and bobs like blank paper, pen/pencils or colored pencils or whatever else you want to use to draw. And of course a bit of self-humor as you get used to seeing your drawing appear on that blank sheet of paper.

Start by taking a photo of the person/object/thing/whatever you want to draw or just search for something from within the app. If you want to create a whole new image by incorporating a photo you took and something you searched for online, the app allows you to combine the two in one composition.

Now comes the fun bit as you place a piece of blank paper in front of the iPad and pretty much trace the object using the live-video view. It might take a bit of getting used to but if a five year old can get it, so can you.

You can also toggle the app on and off to check your progress, adjust the slider to bring up different levels of shading to add depth and also view the source image as a guide for coloring. While this might not be the best tool for someone looking to learn how to draw like a pro, it’s a pretty great place to start. Especially if someone (such as myself) isn’t looking to become a great artist but would still be able to draw simple things.

It’s also a great way to start the kids off down a path of creativity! Draw away!

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