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It’s been another bad month for Robin Thicke. In order to boost publicity for his new album, Paula, he teamed up with VH1 to take part in an #AskThicke Q&A session on Twitter. Suffice to say the vitriolic tweets swept in hard and fast, ravaged the rotting carcass that is Thicke’s career, and then moved on in search of your mum.

Just to give you a flavor of the questions directed towards Thicke, @Scriblit asked ‘what form of emotional or sexual abuse will you be normalizing in your next jaunty hit?’

The Pharrell Williams-Shaped Blind Spot

If the Q&A session was a disaster then his dire album sales represent something of a conspiracy, and with a combined total of around a thousand copies sold in Canada, Australia, and the U.K it looks like we won’t see Robin Thicke again until the distant future when someone is sarcastically celebrating the Blurred Lines singer on a fitted t-shirt.

Do you know who else was on that song though? Pharrell was on that song. How is it that the same person who produced and co-wrote the infamous song seems to have completely escaped the media furor surrounding the song without so much as a blemish on his dazzling reputation?

Whatever your opinion on the song and the video there is surely no denying that Pharrell is as much a part of the song as Thicke, yet the same public which have taken to social media to troll Thicke appear to have developed a Pharrell Williams shaped blind spot.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Pharrell though. The singer was reportedly due to appear in court for undisclosed reasons. The jury had unanimously found him guilty until he took to the stand and began to perform his smash hit, Happy.

Needless to say, the courtroom instantaneously exploded into an orgy of dance and when an exhausted judge finally restored order, a spellbound jury decided that the only thing Pharrell was guilty of was being far too cool to dislike.

Thicke received a life sentence.

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