Ah, the elusive female ejaculation; prior to the existence of porn videos capturing this feat was ranked second only to the unicorn. But it exists. Yes, some women squirt liquid when they’re excited. If you’re unfamiliar with squirting, here are some facts to get you going:

It isn’t urine

While you might think your lady has a weak bladder and is peeing all over you, let’s make this clear now, squirting isn’t peeing. It isn’t urine. It’s actually a clear liquid that consists mostly of glucose, fructose and prostatic acid phosphatase.

It isn’t usual vaginal discharge

In fact it’s much more liquid, clear and also tastes different.

It doesn’t only happen when she orgasms

Sometimes it can happen just before or even completely independent of orgasms.

Not all women are able to squirt

Some women do it naturally, some need some coaxing, but this doesn’t mean all of us can squirt. And we certainly can’t squirt on cue.

If she squirts it doesn’t mean she’s having more fun than if she doesn’t

Like I mentioned above, sometimes squirting can happen totally independent of orgasms, so just cause she is squirting, it doesn’t mean she’s more or less turned on.

It’s not like in the porn movies

Not all that you see in porn is true (hah!). Porn always shows women squirting a bucket full of liquid, but don’t be fooled. Sometimes they put water in a porn star’s vagina and sometimes they’re just plain peeing. So if your lady doesn’t squirt as much, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong.

Of course what comes next is how to make your lady squirt. Well, the common technique is to stimulate the G-spot. As it goes, insert two fingers into her vagina and find her G-spot. Then make as if you’re trying to call someone over by moving your fingers back and forth. If she starts feeling like she wants to pee, then keep going and she should squirt soon enough.

However, easier said than done. Each woman is different. Some squirt when their G-spot is stimulated, some when they’re being eaten out, some when they’re getting down doggie style. One tip is to have her unclench during sex and allow an ‘opening-up’ feeling.

Don’t forget to set down a towel so as not to get the bed/sofa/car (??) wet! I’ll say it again though; squirting isn’t something that can be set to happen on cue. Some women might never squirt. Some squirt all the time. It takes patience and sometimes it’s better to just let it happen. As with most sexual activity, it’s always most enjoyable when experienced without pressure.

Enjoy! And tell us in the comments below how it goes!

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  1. No mental pressure is key. As a female, all of the above is true for me. Also note, foreplay is a huge factor for proper build up & release. Porn USUALLY cuts this out of production as to get to the chase & the big bang for our viewing pleasure.

    Go to the Dollar store and pick up a shower curtain and place below sheet and/or bed dressing. Then…let er rip!