So this is a hard topic to talk about with any man, but it happens and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. What would be even worse is to ignore it and then come all over that hot girl in 30 seconds and then pretend this never happens (or worse, blame the girl for being ‘too hot’) and go home and emo-eat your sadness away.

Okay, I might have gone a little dark there. Let’s dial it back and tackle the issue at hand shall we?

First of all, just because you orgasm quickly does not mean you have Premature Ejaculation. Sometimes you just cum quickly because you haven’t had sex in a while, or whatever. It happens. Fess up, and get over it.

But sometimes… like 30 percent of the time, it is premature ejaculation and again, the greatest thing to be embarrassed about is if you don’t do anything to try and fix it.

It happens

What causes it?
The causes are many, and it mostly stems from psychological or biological behavior.

Learned behaviors such as stress/anxiety, masturbation (especially teens who learn to masturbate and come quickly to avoid getting caught – it makes it challenging to unlearn this reflexive nature), control issues, unreliable erections (so if you do get one you want to make sure you orgasm as quickly as possible) and also aging issues.

Abnormal hormone levels, inherited traits, certain thyroid problems, abnormal reflexes of the ejaculatory system and more.

How to overcome / manage it:
None of the suggestions below are 100 percent, surefire ways to stop premature ejaculation so play around and test out different suggestions till you find one or a combo that works!

Remember that scene in There’s Something About Mary where Ted wanks off before meeting Mary? Yeah, do that.

Double bagging (2 condoms), cock-rings, desensitizing cream; all are good for slowing things down. It might not be sexy, but it’s worth a shot.

Stop and Go Technique:
Being able to control your PC muscles will help you control the flow of your pee and that will help you control your orgasms as well. Sounds a little like the kegel exercise for women? Yep, it is. Next time you pee, practice stopping mid-pee and then start again. Keep practicing till you get iron strong PC muscles!

Pleasure Control:
When you masturbate try and bring yourself to the brink and then stop until you go limp and start again. Over time you will learn to control yourself more.

Squeeze technique:
Applying pressure to your frenulum (just below the head of your penis) just before your orgasm can stop you from reaching it. Try practicing this, as it might need some practice.

Don’t lose faith if it doesn’t work the first time you try these techniques. As with all things, it’s good to have patience and keep at it. And of course, have fun.

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