The Secret Voicemail Project

We’ve all got secrets. Some frivolous, some stupid, and some very dark. For all our differences, keeping certain things to ourselves is a human commonality.

It’s rare that a week goes by these days without some horror story involving personal information being snatched and tossed into open air for any number of cyber vultures to pick clean. While the Secret Voicemail Project might not offer protection against such scenarios, it is allowing people to claw back a little secrecy, while spilling guts to anyone who cares to listen.

The act of digitally confessing your sins is nothing new. Both Post Secret and FML have allowed people to ease the burden on their souls without giving themselves away for a number of years now.

But the difference with the Secret Voicemail Project is that, as you’ve probably guessed, we now get to HEAR our would-be soul searchers telling us their biggest secrets.

Inevitably, while some may see it as a vital service to let off some steam, a number of the contributed confessions are a little creepy:

Of course, there’s plenty of room for practical jokes and fakery, but how anonymous will this project remain if somebody ‘confesses’ to a crime that the authorities want to investigate? There’s your lesson to be learned anyway: don’t mess around!

But, the human condition being what it is, there’s still plenty of madness to go around, from the sad and lonely to plain crazy:

While this may not be the 21st century’s idea of a confession box in church, it might at least provide a new playground for the weird and wonderful people of the Internet.

Would YOU use the Secret Voicemail Project? Maybe you’ve done so already – if so, how did you feel?

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