No substance that goes into our bodies does so without causing an effect, and in recognizing this fact we can begin to examine everything we put into our bodies as either medicine, or a slow form of poison.

There’s no trick to it: eat some lightly sauteed chard with garlic, Himalayan sea salt and a poached egg and you will make your body sing, sending important nutrients to all the right places in the body, regenerating cells, easing digestion, strengthening immunity and eliminating toxins. Eating a packaged cake from the supermarket, however, and the gluten-laden refined flour, refined white sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, chemical flavorings, preservative and additives will place a huge burden on the body. Following its consumption, the body will spend days figuring out how to digest the gluey mess and dispose of the toxins.

The Slowest Form of Poison

Continuous consumption can lead to a decrease in metabolic function, damage to the thyroid, exhausted adrenals and kidneys and malnutrition. Denying the body crucial nutrients leads it to eventually draw them from our bones and vital organs in order to compensate for the deficiency. Meanwhile, the rising acidity levels in our modern diet create a perfect environment for cancer, encouraging it to thrive in our bodies. It sounds dramatic, but every day we are consuming these small-scale poisons, and expecting our bodies to cope.

Cutting out all the ‘bad stuff’ is a daunting and near impossible task, so flooding our bodies with as much ‘good stuff’ as possible is an easy way to compensate. There is no pill or treatment that acts as a cure-all, at least when it comes to attacking symptoms. But when we look at the overall balance of our body as the root cause of all symptoms, and treat it from the bottom up, it’s incredible how multiple systems can simultaneously fall away.

The Slowest Form of Poison

Alternative medicine has always fought hard to defend itself, but more and more people, having reached a dead end with traditional diagnosis and the sea of prescriptions that comes with it, are turning to a more natural, and often, more effective way of healing.

By replacing the poisons in their diet with nature’s most potent edible medicines, people are curing themselves of all kinds of ailments, from eczema, headaches and bloating to depression, auto-immune diseases and cancer.

In the following weeks we will be examining some of the most poisonous things in our diet, and some excellent food-medicines to replace them with. Stay tuned folks, these simple substitutions might just change you life.

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