Tinder has exploded into the dating scene with its nifty app that allows you to pick a mate from the comfort of anywhere-the-hell-you-are using only your mobile phone. If you haven’t heard of it, then I suggest you get your best photo ready, download the app and get ready to start swiping!

As with all dating, there are rules and then there are unspoken rules. With something as fluid and impersonal as Tinder, you’re going to have pay heed to some of the unspoken rules, because they probably speak the loudest. If you still don’t know anything about Tinder, it’s an app that shows you people in your vicinity that you might find interesting. Sort of like a hetero Grindr, with probably a lot less sex. Now that you have all these people nearby, you get presented with one photo at a time (along with friends in common, interest, age and perhaps a one liner about you) and here’s the fun part, you get to swipe left (which means rejected) or you get to ‘like’ the person. If both of you happen to ‘like’ each other, Tinder will ‘introduce’ you to each other, and now the games begin!

03BaDoink_com_TinderRulesSounds simple enough. To get ahead from the crowd, heed our guide to the unspoken rules of using Tinder:

Friends in common
Everyone I’ve spoken to had something to say about the friends in common Tinder shows you. The unanimous vote is, if you have too many ‘real’ friends (as in friends you actually meet in person a lot) in common, then they swipe left even if they like you. If you do have a few random, or never-gonna-meet friends in common, then they don’t mind clicking ‘like’. The situation can get uncomfortable if you were to like a person you have a lot of close common friends with. Plus, you can always ask these common friends to introduce you in person.

Be the first to say hello (but also wait at least an hour)
Yes, if there is a match, us girls like it if the guy makes the first contact. So you’ve got a match with a cute girl. Wait a little bit (from 30 mins to an hour) so you don’t seem like an eager beaver and make the first move. Just like in a bar, except that you know she likes you too!

Write something intelligent
You can be sure that girls will be getting a lot of messages, so write something creative and intelligent and not just ‘Hey whatsup?” Something cute and witty almost always gets a reply.

Don’t push too hard
Just like in real life, no one likes a creepo, so don’t be a pushy creep. Don’t start things off with, ‘Hey wanna fuck?” and then continue to badger her till she blocks you. Dont be that guy! Take it easy. While, yes, Tinder can be used as a hookup app, women don’t think the same way as men. So even if we do want hook up, we don’t respond to such stupidity.

Chill out with the swipe lefts
If you get too swipe-happy you might accidentally swipe left when you meant to click like. Remember there are no do-overs in Tinderland, so take it easy and swipe with thoughtfulness, or at least just slow down so you don’t pass on a hottie!

We hope these tips help you get a better experience on Tinder! Let us know how it goes in the comments!

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  1. Real men never swipe left. All about those swipe rights.