Last week was ridiculous. Three out of my five favorite TV shows didn’t air, and the two that did left me in romantic turmoil (my emotions!), and I don’t so much enjoy when television gets to me (especially when it’s not done as well as it could be). Seriously, last week was like a shoddily executed birth and death of love hammy acting fest, and I really, really hope next week has better business in store. Let’s tear into this, shall we?


How I Met Your Mother should have been this monumentally touching episode, and tried real hard to be so, but the end result felt stale and kinda bland. In this one, Robin almost got cold feet over the fact that Barney is a lying sonofabitch, and Marshall and Lily, in trying to help Barney write vows, realized their romance has faded since they first spoke their own vows (Marshall has seen Lily poop, but what’s wrong with that?). So, yeah, the whole thing was kinda sappy, but there did end up being a ring bear after all (the whole setup being used to throw in a flower gorilla, as the bear was a cute lil’ guy), and that was satisfying. Oh yeah, spoilers: the wedding happened, and it wasn’t a big awesome ceremony in pure Barney style. Disappointing. Lily and Marshall renewing their vows before the ceremony was better done. And future Ted saying, “Love is the best thing we do,” didn’t help the lukewarm sop one bit. Here’s hoping that this week’s grand finale (today!?) leaves us audience folk satisfied, and not feeling like we wasted a bunch of years on the biggest flop of a romantic comedy in history.

New Girl

New Girl was the other side of the romance coin last week, as it was that breakup episode we’ve all been sort of dreading. But this wasn’t done well at all, and New Girl has generally been pretty good about romantic business, it being a rom-com after all. The other storyline, the other three bros trying to land one girl whilst helping her move (Winston is the man), was far more engaging (at least there was some mystery about how it’d end up). The episode began with a return of True American, which was fun, especially because it led to so many hangovers, but everything after it was sappy (having to do with Nick and Jess). Their arc revolved around trying to build a children’s toy for a mutual friend, and after failing to figure out how to fix the damn thing, the two realized they would continue fighting forever. So, naturally, they broke up (love is dead). But – twist! – Schmidt lives in Jess’ old room, so Nick and Jess probably ended up banging (we don’t actually know anything after Jess went back to Nick’s room after seeing Schmidt doing naked yoga). And now we have to wait a few weeks to find out what the heck is going on.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. didn’t air, and that’s annoying, and I hate you Joss Whedon.

For once, there wasn’t any Community to be found. I want more Dungeons and Dragons madness, or at least some crazy return of Troy.

And Elementary didn’t air. Very, very sad.

This week may be better folks, as long as it doesn’t try to be the soppiest romance explosion in television history (I’m looking at you, How I Met Your Mother). Methinks that this is the week for some crazy television, and I really hope I’m right in a good way.

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  1. new girl looks interesting, might go for it- especially because of Zooey. Btw she also sings – not bad at all!