Far too often men seem to get so caught up about the size of their junk that it actually interferes with the act of the sexy time. Most men think that their penis is too small even if you tell them it’s probably the average size of a penis (average size being 5.6 inches). Well lads, I gotta tell you, there are other things that women care about other than the size of your penis. So if you’ve got a smaller than average one, don’t think that we won’t still enjoy coitus with you. Here are something things that women care about other than the size of your penis:

Penis size
It’s not the size of the carrot, it’s what it tastes like that matters…


If you’re really worried about whether or not a woman will sleep with you, clean your room! Nothing is a bigger turn off than walking into his room and it looks like he hasn’t changed the sheets in months. Who knows who else he’s shagged on those sheets and what other juices we’re lying on. Ewww! Nice clean sheets on a made bed are a big turn on. Also knowing that the man you’re about to sleep with has had a shower. Smelly, cheesey balls are not cool.


So you’ve got a small penis, now couple that with you ejaculating within minutes. Sorry to say hun, but I can guarantee you that you won’t have a happy girl on your hands. Work on your endurance – by that I don’t mean pumping her without a break for the next 45 minutes. I mean work on lasting longer but also…


Don’t forget foreplay. Honestly speaking, if you work on turning a girl on – and I mean really turning her on until she’s so wet she’s about clawing at you to get it in, your penis size will be the last thing on her mind. Throw in some yummy sex toys and your girl will be in heaven.


You might have heard of the saying familiarity breeds contempt, but not in this case. Us girls are less likely to have a orgasm during a one night stand (not that it’s stopping us). When we’re in a more committed relationship, we feel more comfortable to ask for what we want and tend to have better sex. So committing!


Speak up! We too like to know what turns you on, what you’d like for us to do to you or even if we’re giving you a blowjob the way you like to receive it. When my partner started directing me when I was giving him a blowjob, not only did it make my job easier, it also turned me on knowing I’m turning him on!

So, don’t worry lads whether you believe you have a small penis or not, that isn’t the mark of your masculinity. And when it comes to sex, there are other things that turn us women on than just having a big penis. Rejoice!

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