Greetings from Las Vegas. The hottest thing in general seems to be the miniaturization of everything. Thousands of Corporations from mainland China have fantastic stuff, so here are some of the best and brightest so far. 


Three Companies Coming Out of CES 2015

Here for the first time out of Taipei, Taiwan, are A.I.Q. As Smart Clothing goes, they keep it simple and comfortable. Made out of human-hair like microfibers, there’s usually a tendency for these ‘long-John’ type shirt and pant combinations to be uncomfortably scratchy. Not so in this case. Very, very comfortable to wear and super-sweat absorbent, they are able to soak up and distribute your sweat. And although I made their friendly rep Nadia Kung blush every which way, she agreed that their workout underwear was very  “quickie-appropriate.” Nadia also made me promise to plug their sports bra which really looks a lot more durable than the flimsy gear you see more often than not at Sports Authority. Prices start at $30 and their goods should be available via Costco by April 2015.


Three Companies Coming Out of CES 2015

Fresh out of Alhambra, California, comes what I’d call some ‘ideal dating’ tech. Presentation means a lot, whether it’s a sprig of parsley on your steak or the word ‘love’ tattooed on your knuckles. Everything is presented in gorgeous subtle colors and fine design; power banks, speakers, keyboards, mobile automobile speakers, but most ideally, mobile speakers with exquisite quality audio starting at $35. Pick your own shape or color–round, oblong, triangular–and use for tailgate parties, in the shower, in the yard, in the basements: Take your romance and music anywhere you want to go. Kudos to their CEO Mick Zhang. Available at low prices from Costco soon.


Three Companies Coming Out of CES 2015

I love to go to the Korean spa and splurge on relaxation and massages. It’s not really the kind of service you can give yourself at home, but here comes something absolutely awesome for your eyes, hands, neck and head in general. Amidst the madhouse that is the CEOS, I didn’t have the time to try every one of their products, but their iSee180 eye massager instantaneously made me feel like I’d lost four pound weight from underneath my eyeballs. Along with playing music, the machine uses magnets to relax the autonomic nerves and increase the flow of blood through the optic nerves, enhance circulation, while brilliantly massaging acupuncture points. The thing had me about as relaxed as a gentleman can get short of smoking a bag of the finest Maui Wowie. Accompanied by a blow-job and the music, your meridians will feel about as good as they’ve ever felt.

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