Tinder Wants You to Think You Can Shag A Celeb

You know those times you’re busy swiping right at every girl’s profile and then you come across this one girl that puts a pic of a B-list celebrity and you swipe left because you just know that’s not true? Welll… turns out that some of our poor celebs need some Tinder time as much as the next guy/gal and that left swipe could’ve cost you a honest-to-goodness date with a celeb.

So Tinder stepped up and decided to introduce Verified Profiles so you never make that mistake ever again. As they mention on their blog post:

“Now when notable public figures, celebrities and athletes appear in your recommendations, you’ll know it’s for real.”

Never again will you have to guess. You dreams of getting with a celeb might just come true! Just like on Twitter, verified profiles will come with a telltale blue check mark of prestige next to it – I wonder just how much of a celeb do you need to be to get that check mark?

Also, I wonder which celeb actually wants to get even more attention than what they are already getting? I mean, “Guess who I was banging last night?” aren’t exactly magic words anyone would want uttered about them – especially if that knowledge might also come with a slew of unwanted media attention.

It does however seem to feed into the ego of the celeb. I mean, who wouldn’t want a little blue check mark next to your grinning face? It’s the mark of just how famous you are, isn’t it? And then it would be the mark of just how good you are if you could actually score a date with them. So yeah, nice one, Tinder! Playing nicely to the ego of all involved.

Although, on the flip side, it does also mean that the celeb can participate in the fun times that is Tinder! They can also choose and discard profiles just like us regular folks! Kinda. Whatever the case, watch out for that little, blue check mark! I know I will!

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