Tips for Lasting Longer During Sex

For some reason men seem to be obsessed with loving us ladies ‘all night long’. Don’t get me wrong, we sure love some good lovin’, but considering the ‘desirable’ length of intercourse is 7 – 13 minutes, pumping us all night long is not what we’re necessarily after. However, that said (and before I put my foot in my mouth), this number is just for actual pump and bump action and doesn’t include foreplay. So no cheating there, boys!

However if you find yourself on the lower end of 7 minutes or just wish to end up nearer to 13 minutes, here are some tips to last longer during sex!

Think of something else
It often helps to bring your focus elsewhere when you feel like you’re about to ejaculate. Men are visual creatures so try and bring your eyes away from the hot lil’ miss in your arms and think of your favorite basketball team or count sheep or something. Works for some, not for others; either way, give it a go!

Yeah, giving it a little tug before sex can actually help take the edge off and help you last longer. If she’s up for it, she could give you a blowjob before hand – but only if you don’t roll over and fall asleep right after (we’re wise to your ways!).

Squeeze your penis
That’s right, lightly squeezing your penis if you feel like ejaculating can help to cut the pleasurable feelings and allow you to control yourself – just don’t hurt yourself!

Change the pace
Another popular method which works for quite a few men is to vary the pace. Slow down and speed up as and when needed or even just get it out and go down on her to help you cool off a little. I’ve had guys tell me to just not move for a few seconds so they can cool off and it was totally cool with me. Made me feel hot!

Change it up
Don’t just get it on in the missionary position! Changing your positions help to cut the rhythm and allow you time to cool off. Just don’t end up changing too often and scaring the poor girl with your frantic changes!

Remember, whether it’s 15 minutes or 2 hours, how long you have sex isn’t about your ego but the enjoyment of both you and your partner. So whatever the digit, as long as the two of you come out satisfied, I’d say it’s a win. And whatever the digit, don’t forget FOREPLAY!

Enjoy boys!

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