Flu season is upon us. One in three people I know seem to be in the midst of or finally overcoming a really nasty bout of crud. It seems like this particular virus is hitting people pretty hard and refusing to let up. Then, just when you feel like you might be emerging from the dregs, it falls down upon you once again, plunging you back into the depths like a steel hammer and a ton of bricks. Relapse.

There’s very little that can be done for the flu besides getting lots of rest, staying hydrated and waiting it out. There are however a few tips for easing the seemingly endless hours of feeling like you might be about to expire. Also, they might help to shorten the duration.

My very favorite remedy for overall nourishment is hot lemonade. Squeeze three to four lemons into three to four cups of water. Add chopped garlic (at least three cloves), cut fresh ginger (a lot), and honey to taste. Warm the lemonade and add a dash of cayenne pepper (as much as you can handle). Heat and drink it as hot as possible. This is excellent for sore throats as well as most symptoms associated with colds and flus.

Tips For Surviving Flu Season

For headaches, the herbal tincture Skullcap works really well. I like to mix it with a like amount of Wood Betony. About fifteen to twenty drops of each in a shot glass amount of warm water or straight underneath the tongue should help to eliminate pain.

For fevers, Yarrow works wonders. There is a tea made by Traditional Medicinals called Gypsy Cold Care that has Yarrow, Elderberry flowers and Peppermint. This is a good combination for the flu, particularly if there is a fever involved. Fresh or dried yarrow tea or yarrow tincture are good to have around the house for fevers in general.

A humidifier, especially in dry climates can do wonders for respiratory and sinus issues. A few drops of eucalyptus essential oil can help to open up the airways and aid lung discomfort.

The best remedy for an earache is a combination of mullein and garlic oils. The company Herb Pharm makes a really nice blend. Warm the oil (obviously not enough to burn the inner ear) and put three drops in the infected ear or ears. You can do this a few times a day and should feel the results pretty quickly.

At the onset of any illness, a few drops of three-percent hydrogen peroxide in each ear for five to ten minutes can help to clear out any infections. Many viruses enter through the ears, not just the nose and mouth. You will likely hear the bubbles popping and it may even burn a little bit. Both of these sensations are okay. You can do this every few hours initially if it seems to help, though you may find that you’re feeling better after the first time.

These are just few simple things that can make a difference during viral illnesses. If you have the flu, I wish you well. If you’re healthy, I wish you great sex!


  1. eating lots of garlic does the trick for me