Over the past couple of years, television has created a strange new identity for men: the Good Bro. Taking the old adage “bros before hoes” to deeper levels, the Good Bro as a trope has swept through the media. Now, almost every television show falling more in the comedy category features at least one dude who always puts his bros first and wing-mans even to the bitter end; though, the Good Bro is more than that. The Good Bro is someone who’ll defend you, listen to you, and ultimately, put himself on the line for seemingly dumb stuff that turns out to be epic, bro.

For some reference, take a think about Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. He may usually be out for his own ends, but the man cares more about his bros than anything, usually putting himself in all kinds of danger just so the other dude can get some. Or, as a less fanciful Good Bro, ponder Schmidt and Nick from New Girl. Schmidt may be a douche most of the time, and Nick the equivalent of a grumbling, old fool, but both men are more than the douchebaggery suggests. A Good Bro is someone who, while relentlessly annoying and at times super damn dumb, will always have your back, especially if the activity in question is ridiculous and nonsensical (and inspired by beers).

Being the Good Bro

To me, every man should aspire to be a Good Bro, at least in some small way. If you follow the way of the Good Bro, you’ll respect your friends, respect your beers, and have more fun in every aspect of life.

Here are some ways you can be a Good Bro, in everyday, non-televised life.

First off, treat more of real life LIKE television. This may be ridiculous, but a true Good Bro treats every moment as epic and filled with potential for utter awesomeness. People will tell you to be realistic, but to hell with that! Go on crazy adventures, all in the name of a good story to tell whilst chugging beers (I believe I see a pattern here). Life should be a tale worth telling, and no one knows that better than a well-equipped, badass Good Bro.

Being the Good Bro

Secondly, never be afraid to show your style. I’m not saying buy suits, because not everyone can have secret, lucrative professions like Barney Stinson, but treat yourself better with slick business casual attire, thus making everyone around you more conscious of the slobs they may truly be. The Good Bro dresses so that everyone ends up looking and feeling impressive. Don’t lose the dude you are, though, because that can be a slippery slope. The Good Bro is not one singular image. If the rest of the folks in your bro crew have beards, make sure to have the first or second best of those beards. Elevate the standard by which you and yours measure your facial hair. Especially if one of their ladies wants them to shave. Never let a bro shave for anyone. That’s not being a Good Bro.

Now, if you want to truly be the greatest of the Good Bros, you’ll consistently put your friends before you. A legendary Good Bro is the best of friends. And the best of friends is that bro that makes sure everyone is living life to the fullest, taking advantage of the time they have, and making it happen with a series of partners you would have called dibs on if you weren’t such a Good Bro. A Good Bro stays till the end as a wingman, and takes care of friends who fall on their swords in search of glory (and breasts). You may have to, now and again, give a pep talk that ends up being weirdly emotional. Don’t fret… you can always lay down a “Good talk, bro.” Never fails.

The Good Bro in media has ushered in a myriad of types of Good Bro, each kind deriving from depictions in various television shows and films. Some folks try to emulate the lovably douchey Schmidt, others the womanizing and epic Barney, and still more the angry, one-man-counterculture Nick. Whichever Good Bro meets your fancy, just know this: the path of a Good Bro is one of selflessness and sometimes utter idiocy. In the best possible way. Carry on, my wayward Good Bros. May the Bros be ever Good. And so on, so forth. Bro.

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