I am not above sending and receiving sexy messages, in fact I welcome it – but only from certain men. What I do not welcome is messages that are of this variety:

“Want to cum on ur titays”
“Fuk u hard. Makin me hard!”

Or any kind of rubbish message that makes me want to gag rather than turn me on. I swear I wonder what the hell goes through men’s minds when they’re sending these messages? Well if your sexting skills aren’t getting you anywhere, then read on on tips on how to sext girls.

Tips On How To Sext Girls

We’re more about the feelings
Men are all about action. If us girls didn’t insist on foreplay men would be content to just drop their pants and stick it in us (I’m certain many still do this). Same seems to go for sexting. Or any kind of messaging (sex sites, I’m talking about you).

The general rule is to only sext with someone you’ve already had sex with. Don’t start the message with a horny text. Who the hell knows where she is or what she’s doing. So starting a message with a hardcore, “I wanna cum on u and make u scrm!” can be unwelcome and just plain f*ckn creepy!

We want sensuality. So set a scene, be cheeky, hint, don’t pull out the big guns until you deep into the sexting world.

Don’t abbreviate. Pls.
Nothing spoils sexting more than having to figure out what the hell you’re saying. This isn’t Twitter. You aren’t limited to 140 character. Don’t write an essay either. Check out the difference below:

Wrong: Thnk of u in tht red c thru dress. gettin me HARD, Hav 2 stop wut Im doin.

Right: Thinking of you in that red see thru dress is getting me so hard and distracted I have to stop what I’m doing.

Wrong: Thinking of you in that red, lace, see through dress is getting me so hard. I can’t concentrate on my work, and I just want to grab you and slowly take that dress off. Seeing it fall and you standing there right in front of me. I can’t focus, I have to actually stop what… bla bla bla

Don’t try and sext everything
Seriously, every conversation doesn’t have to be a sexy text. Sometimes eating a sandwich is just eating a sandwich. So learn to read the cues and don’t try and turn every mundane text into a sext. It’s annoying.

So to sum it up, don’t just dive into the deep end, start with cheeky messages and slowly go deeper as she reacts positively. Only sext women you’ve actually sexed, do not abbreviate and not everything needs to be a sext. Have you done the sexting? How did it go? Let us know! Good luck!


  1. I love you Sext Girls I one too come to you and knw fuck you to hight

  2. haha, love the article, the “how not to sext” examples are so funny! :))