We’ve already taken a look at 5 of the worst fashion mistakes that men make, but there’s an awful lot more out there.

In fact, these sins of style are littering our society and it is up to us at BaDoink to clean this shit up. We’re covering pants to accessories and everything in between. Here goes with a top 10 you just have to look out for!

Top 10 fashion mistakes men make
‘V’ for very unnecessary

Too Deep V-necks

We’re not sure whether you should stop wearing this or not, because you know, we’re always up for a good laugh. No, we must provide a social service. Please stop. Even the model below is barely pulling off the look. And he’s a model. His existence is to look good.

Top 10 fashion mistakes men make
Serious flight risk

Too Large Shirt Collars

Nothing makes you look more sleazy and creepy than having a shirt collar that is just way too large for your jacket. It might seem like a good idea. But it isn’t. Trust us.

Over Accessorizing

No woman wants to compete with a man when it comes to accessorizing! Streamline man. Don’t let your ego dictate how you accessorize! If you’re wearing a chain, wear one, don’t wear five topped up with a comically oversized clock. Don’t wear a cap, a scarf, chains, earrings, bracelets, rings and sunglasses… ALL AT ONCE. It’s way too much. Basic rule is, nothing more than 3 items at a go. So if you’ve got a cap on, it’s ok to wear a chain and a ring.

Tie Knot that is too Large or Small?

You tie is supposed to complement your outfit not look like it’s taking over your neck. Learn how to tie a proper tie and make sure that it is the right length and that the knot is the right size.

Top 10 fashion mistakes men make
Buy a damn iron y’bum!

Unironed Shirts

Top 10 fashion mistakes men make

I know many a man who doesn’t even own an iron much less invest the time to actually iron a shirt. Please stop. Irons are no longer expensive, they’re easy to use and it takes about three minutes to iron a shirt. And that three minutes is what will take you from “I only have one shirt and my mama bought it for me” Guy to “Hello mister! Looking good, I wanna bang you” Man.

Too Baggy Jeans

This unfortunate style is seriously the worst. It makes me want to yank up the pants of the men who wear them. If you have to waddle around like a duck because it’s the only way your pants are going to stay up, if your damn dick is actually above the waistband of your pants, then its too damn baggy!

Top 10 fashion mistakes men make
Eat something, dammit!

Too Skinny Jeans

I’m not saying don’t wear skinny jeans. I mean, we all know the skinnies are here to stay. But we are saying, if we have to wonder where you keep your dick in those tight, tight pants, then yes, it’s too tight. Love yourself and your nads man. Give it a little room to breathe. Skinny jeans should skim your legs, not look like they’ve been painted on.

Rosaries as an Accessory

I saw this on the subway the other day. No! WTF? Perhaps I don’t even have to say too much about this. If Justin Bieber is wearing it, I’m sure you know better. Priests are not cool, fashion forward people, you shouldn’t want to be emulating them!

Top 10 fashion mistakes men make
Just… just… don’t.

Brand Logos Shaved into Hair

No one should love a brand this much, unless it is your own damn brand. Even then, shaving it on your head is a no go zone. Seriously, I wonder what they’re thinking? If you’ve done this before, please tell me in the comments why you did it?

Pulling Pants above Waist

Perhaps this is remnant from their slim days where pants would fit better. Or perhaps this is their way of hiding their big man guts, so to say. I know I’ve pulled my pants up to hide the bump. But this is going a little too far. If you don’t like the way your guts hang out over your pants, buy a larger size, layer your clothing or perhaps get a man girdle.

Are there anymore you’d like to add to the list?

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