The BaDoink news crew was out for lunch the other day and while we were digesting our man-sized burgers we found ourselves doing what men do – looking at women. Before long the question was raised: “What is the first thing you look at when you look at a woman?”

There’s no denying that the two classics were mentioned the most – breasts and ass – but there were quite a few others mentioned as well, so we decided to compile them all and put them to a vote to gauge the popularity. This is what our, perhaps chauvinistic, survey produced.


1 – Eyes. They say that eyes are windows to our souls and that it’s easy to get lost or even drown in them. Men who tend to look at eyes first are often considered to be more romantic. Keep that in mind ladies.

2 – Smile. If eyes tell anything about a person’s soul, then the smile might tell you something about a person’s heart. Don’t forget that we all smile in the same language.

3 – Ass. Yes, we stand by our decision to put this above breasts. There’s just something alluring about it’s shape and density that makes it irresistible eye-candy for any member of the male persuasion.


4 – Breasts. This is usually what women expect men to say, and it would probably be true if it hadn’t been for the argument that once kids enter the picture, they are no longer only men’s to enjoy.

5 – Legs. Perfectly turned spires that go all the way up can be admired for hours, especially when high heels elevate them. Obviously, having them wrapped around the waist comes to mind.

6 – Hair. This is a bit more tricky since it can come in a variety of colors and lengths, but it’s safe to say that longer is usually better. Something to run your fingers through or just grab onto if necessary.

legs and butt

7 – Weight. It’s true. It matters. But just like with hair, women can come in all shapes and sizes and we would certainly not supress any man’s opinion on what he finds attractive or suggest that any woman have to gain or lose weight, unless it’s a matter of health.

8 – Height. Unlike men, women can easily regulate their elevation above sea level by putting on a pair of high heel shoes or boots. Most men would agree that they prefer a woman who is shorter than him. It’s a confidence thing.

9 – Skin. Beautiful skin should never be ignored. A well maintained canvas without much need for make up is always appreciated. The good old saying “less is more” definitely applies.

10 – Dress. What a woman wears will emphasize her best features while hide what she doesn’t want you to see. Be wary of push-up bras and panties as they may be deceiving.

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