So I’m pretty excited about this app. I’m such a productivity junkie that every time something comes out that helps with me my productivity I’m all over it. Hours launched back in July but the team at Tapity just launched a new version for iOS 8.

I have to say, this is a sleek little affair. For now it costs $4.99 (50% off to celebrate the launch of iOS 8) to download the app but as far as I’m concerned, it’s worth it. Once you have the app you can add a new timer: fill in the project name, client name (optional) and task (optional), pick a color for the timer and you’re done. Every time you start a task just start the timer and it’ll start tracking.

Track Time With Hours App For iOS 8

All your tasks are then displayed in a TV-guide like timeline, color-coded according to different projects. Not only that, if you tell them app when you usually start working, it’ll send you a reminder to start the timer. Good deal I say because when I didn’t set the reminder I completely forgot to start the timer. It also reminds you to stop the timer – in case you have it running all night (another point to me for doing just that). Luckily if this happens to you, it’s easy to go back and edit the hours or delete the time chunk altogether.

One of the best features of the app is the ability to start the timers without unlocking your phone. That’s right, the app allows you to put your timers on the iOS Notification Center under the Today tab. I wish a whole lot of other apps had that ability.

And judging from the Tapity website, it seems that they’re gearing up for an Hours widget for the Apple Watch as well. This is great news as it gives people the freedom to track activities without having to whip out their phones. Either way, for now the Hours app is a must for productivity hackers.

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