Track Your Sex Life With A Bracelet

Wearables are fast becoming the new trendy thing especially since Apple is set to join the foray with its new smartwatch, launching soon-ish. Spanish smartphone makers GeeksPhone have also jumped on the bandwagon with their new fitness tracker bracelet GeeksMe.

Their trackers comes with the usual fitness tracker features, step counter, the amount of calories burned and distance, along with sleep monitoring, call/message notifications and more. Of course you also get your alarms, reminders and ability to set custom activity reminders.

Sounds great, but nothing so far to differentiate it from any other fitness tracker out in the market so far. However, GeeksMe is also including two features that are not commonly found in other trackers. The ability to track your ‘ecological footprint’ and also a sex tracker. And lets not pretend that we didn’t at some point want a performance review of our sex life.

If you’re wondering, they’re not going to track your sex activities with any fancy sensors. Instead the tracker will need you to manually turn it on before any sexy time, if you want to track it. Yeah, it could be a little weird if you pause to turn on your fancy watch thingy, but hey! You gotta do what you gotta do, right?

The wearable is set to launch this July in Spain and in terms of price they intend to undercut the wristbands of “the Top-10 brands in the market”. With the Apple watch possibly launching as early as April, we know that wearables will move from being a niche to the mainstream really quickly and hope that there’ll be a place for trackers like GeeksMe.

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