Trisha Paytas Is Going To Get You Through Life

If you haven’t heard of Trisha Paytas yet, then I pity your measly existence. Trisha Paytas is flawless and is going to get you through your miserable life. I’ve collected some of her best advice and inspiration to get you started but make sure you head over to her YouTube channel to get the full force of fabulousness that is Trisha.

How to Take A Slutty Selfie

This is an essential video in everyone’s life. Without the sexy selfie, how will you get likes, and if you don’t get likes how will you know if people like you? Don’t worry; Trisha’s got your back! Just listen to her advice and it’ll all be ok.

Fat Chicks Music Video

For all the yummy, chunky chicas, this here is your new jam! You’re welcome.

How to Be A Perfect Woman

Is your independence getting in the way of being the perfect woman? Don’t worry, Trisha has made the number one how-to video teaching us ladies how to represent and be the perfect woman. You will never wonder again.

Signs You’re A Side Chick

Uh oh, ladies, I know this feeling. You’re that perfect woman but you have a sneaking suspicion that your man ain’t on the straight and narrow. Trisha will help you decode whether or not you’re a side chick or the main bitch. Just check out what she says and if you’re ticking everything off, you’re a side chick. Sorry!

Awkward Sex Positions

This time Trisha enlists the help of a young man – because there are some things that do require a partner. She decodes some pretty awkward sex positions so you don’t have to because she’s kind like that.

Now we can’t all be Trisha, but we can bask in her awesomeness. I mean someone’s gotta do it!

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